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The Symbiotic Relationship Between the United States and Britain - Essay Example

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The paper describes the role of war and conflict in the nature of the special relationship between Great Britain and the United States. This is being examined in succeeding paragraphs in two parts. In Part, I a broad swathe of history from 1940 to 2000 would be covered…
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The Symbiotic Relationship Between the United States and Britain
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Download file to see previous pages The Second World War was initially fought on the European Continent and American role was marginal till it came under Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The American masses were generally against participation in a Continental War. The British were facing a crisis of sorts as France was overrun and the Soviet Union came under the throes of the biggest threat ever, Churchill the British Prime Minister was left to Britain’s dogged determination to survive the critical days till America joined the war effort. The incidents leading to Pearl Harbor, America’s reaction to Japan’s surprise attack and British response denote that Churchill had foreseen the eventuality of this strike and declared war against Japan within 24 hours. It was a momentous event and Churchill could not hide his glee at finally drawing America into the Great War, as this tipped the balance in favour of the Allies. (Churchill: 1970). A key event which not only determines the course of the Second World War but also the post-war alliance was drafting of the Atlantic Charter. Churchill had developed a personal rapport with the American President, Roosevelt. Drafting of the Charter was a triumph of Anglo American cooperation. The declaration included provisions as no territorial aggrandizement or changes by the alliance partners, right of people to choose the form of government, fair and equitable distribution of resources and creation of peace and stability within nations as also on the high seas. (Churchill: 1970). The United Nations was thus formed after the war and a number of nations freed from colonial dominance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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