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Compare and Contrast the british parlimentary system with the american presedential system - Term Paper Example

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Every nation requires a government formation in order not to fall into anarchy. Most governments, therefore, are democratic; meaning that the citizens of the nation manage it either directly or…
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Compare and Contrast the british parlimentary system with the american presedential system
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Extract of sample "Compare and Contrast the british parlimentary system with the american presedential system"

Download file to see previous pages In the parliamentary system of politics, the head of state is not the chief executive of the nation. In most cases, the functions of the head of state are merely ceremonial whereas the chief executive heads the legislature (Manuel and Cammisa 64).
The comparisons and contrasts between the British and the American political systems will be discussed in this paper. To begin with, it is imperative to first discuss a brief background history of the two democracies. Apparently, The United States of America emerged during a colonial revolutionary war with the British. This colonial war was spearheaded by influential and successful people in America such as large ranch owners and merchants, lawyers and slave owners. They were primarily concerned with getting rid of the colonial rule of the British government as well as the governing structures that had been set up by the colonialists (Munroe 65).
These colonial structures did not favor in any way the native farmers, slaves and laborers. The American political system was, therefore, established by revolution. They formed a new constitution, and a new state, in 1789 becoming the oldest democracy to have a functioning constitution. The British state was however not formed by revolution as was the American state. The parliamentary system of the British resulted mainly due to gradual change and evolution. This did not involve the overthrowing of a previous system (Manuel and Cammisa 64).
The monarchial and aristocratic rule that was in Britain was just undermined gradually over the centuries to the present day. This means that the institutions and political structures that were there were not done away with. Half a million centuries ago there was a king in Britain, and there is a queen today. Although these structures remained over the years, the powers they hold and their functions have changed significantly. The kingdom today is mostly symbolic as opposed to the powers that the monarch commanded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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