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Cultural Anthropology: The Role of Political Parties and Effect of Political System in The United States, India and China - Research Paper Example

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This research paper demonstrates cultural anthropology and the role of political parties and the effect of the political system in the United States, India, and China. It outlines politics in different countries, parties from an anthropological view. …
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Cultural Anthropology: The Role of Political Parties and Effect of Political System in The United States, India and China
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Extract of sample "Cultural Anthropology: The Role of Political Parties and Effect of Political System in The United States, India and China"

Download file to see previous pages For example, the political system in India is quite complex as there are two different types of parties. The first type is national parties and the second type is regional parties. The national parties have recognition all over the country while the regional parties are confined to particular states. The system thrives in India due to its diversity in languages, religions as well as cultures. However, in the case of the United States, there are only two parties, which have a national presence and have recognition in all the states in the country. In contrast to the above two, China has a single party, which is a communist party that allows only elections within the party. As a result, the election of the leaders will be different in China from those of US and India. Moreover, even the election process in the US and India is different as the former is the presidential type of democracy and the later is the parliamentary type (, 2009).
The political system is based on freedom and liberty, which resulted by fighting with colonial governments to get freedom. After that, the political system resulted in the abolition of slavery and for that the northern people fought with southerners to make them agree for the abolition of slavery and that resulted in industrial revolution. However, in the third stage, the political system waged a cold war against the communist regime in USSR and other parts in the world as they are against the capitalist regime in America. In this context, even anthropologist is forced to participate in US military on the name of patriotism. As in the above context, the military strategies are mixed with political strategies in the United States that help in foreign policy. Whatever policy may prevail, the two-party political systems in the US remained intact and helped in achieving the ethical obligation to protect the rights of the people. However, the understanding of the political system as a social organization and cultural change in the United States tells us that though there is a social and cultural change, the political system did not change and moreover it had protected and used the changes according to the needs of the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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