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Chinas Future Fortunes - Article Example

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In the paper “China’s Future Fortunes” the author discusses the article which was chosen because of its relevance to the present economic situation in China. China is one of the biggest economic powers in the world. In the past few decades, it has slowly gained economic muscle and power…
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Chinas Future Fortunes
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Extract of sample "Chinas Future Fortunes"

Download file to see previous pages I believe that the improvements in China’s economy are a product of its more open policies. However, in order for it to reach even greater heights as an international power, China has to improve its international relations, not just with the Western nations, but also with its own Asian neighbors.
The article was chosen because it details the present state of political interplay in China’s government. It features a thorough analysis of how becoming more bi-partisan in a country which, for centuries now, has been a unified political system. Nevertheless, the fact that China has already opened its doors to the international community and the fact that it is also becoming a big and powerful economic success story are important factors which are necessitating the changes in its politics. This topic is relevant to the unit because it exemplifies how China has changed throughout the years. And these changes will continue to affect China’s political future. I believe that the direction that China will take in the future will largely depend on who will be chosen to succeed Hu Jintao. An elitist choice would mean a neglect of China’s countryside development and a larger focus on free trade and economic growth. On the other hand, a more populist choice would help bring about a more balanced economic development in the country. We are now eager spectators to the politics of China because it is slowly and surely becoming one of the global economic leaders.
I chose this article because it exemplifies the gravity of the corruption problem in China. Many government officials have been tried and convicted for corruption, and many more are bound to be discovered for their thievery. In the midst of economic power control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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