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Should Arizona Keep Trying to Vote Sheriff Joe Arpaio Out of Office - Research Paper Example

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With thousands of illegal immigrants that continue to stream in the city, Arizona is currently in a state of turmoil. The problem of immigration in Arizona has been ongoing for several decades. As a result…
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Should Arizona Keep Trying to Vote Sheriff Joe Arpaio Out of Office
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Extract of sample "Should Arizona Keep Trying to Vote Sheriff Joe Arpaio Out of Office"

Download file to see previous pages Economic arguments have sometimes been in favor of the immigrants such as the fact that they are a cheap labor source for the industries in Arizona City. On the other hand, the social impact arguments have mostly been negative particularly because the immigrants are often seen to be undermining national identity, taking up resources and jobs from the local city residents as well as causing other related problems such as congestion. Although some analysts argue that immigration workers are providing the much needed labor for the booming construction industry in Arizona, it is undeniable that they have also imposed both social and economic costs on the Arizona residents. The costs incurred by the health care systems in the entire Pinal County have significantly risen over the past few years and this is largely attributed to the rapidly rising immigrant population (Okie, 527). Another social that is related to the rising number of immigrants is the currently high level of drug trafficking in the City and its environs.
Many researchers however believe most of the illegal Mexican immigrants are smuggling illegal drugs such as Marijuana across the Mexican border and this as also resulted in high levels of violence and crimes in the city. The high number of illegal immigrants has also resulted into an increased crime rate in the City of Arizona. This is particularly evidenced by the fact most of the state and federal prisons in the city have doubled up their spending in a bid to accommodate the rising number of criminals who are mostly illegal immigrants. Additionally the cultural conflict between the immigrants and the locals is now evident in several parts of Arizona. The ethnic tension between the Mostly Hispanic immigrants and the locals is growing. Most locals regard the immigrants as “illegal aliens” and believe ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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