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Technologies Used by Limestone County Sheriff's Office Athens, AL - Research Paper Example

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Technologies used by Limestone County Sheriff’s Office Athens, AL 1. Introduction Law enforcement has become a highly challenging profession. There is constant need to upgrade the skills and technologies involved in dealing with law enforcement. The advent of new means of communication have meant that criminals are now more at ease in moving from place to place than ever before…
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Technologies Used by Limestone County Sheriffs Office Athens, AL
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Download file to see previous pages This stipulation is not restricted to larger police forces such as in metropolitan centers but instead extends to all kinds of police divisions whether small or large. This paper will attempt to analyze the various forms of technology being employed by the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office situated in Athens, Alabama. 2. Technologies in Use 2.1. Internet The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office has a very strong online presence indicated by the website that is regularly updated for various news, events and other information dispersals (Limestone County Sheriff's Office, 2012 a). For example the website is completely updated on the first landing page with information regarding the 17th Annual Limestone County Triad Trail Ride including possible routes to the venue. This represents a strong part of the law enforcement culture because the internet highway is the future of communication and information dispersal especially for law enforcement where the information may need to be updated by the minute such as during emergencies. Another aspect of the website are the provided links to various services and information areas such as the National Rifle Association (for gun safety) (NRA, 2012), information regarding drunk driving and tolerable alcohol limits (Limestone County Sheriff's Office, 2012 b), the map to the sheriff’s office (Google Maps, 2012) and other similar resources. 2.2. Air Support In addition to the use of internet-based technologies the Limestone County S ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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