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I am applying for the marketing management graduation program in your University. My career goal is to become an international marketer able to make the company I work for reach out to its global market by ensuring I apply the customer satisfaction strategies…
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Pace University Application Letter
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Pace April 20, Dear sir/madam: I am applying for the marketing management graduation program in your prestigious My career goal is to become an international marketer able to make the company I work for reach out to its global market by ensuring I apply the customer satisfaction strategies in gaining a competitive advantage.
I am graduating this May 2012 from Lynn University in Florida with a BA in business management and a minor in film and this has prompted me to look for a place to advance my business management skills in your university. I have a creative and analytical business mind and have done a marketing class, international business and management classes during my BA have helped in gaining these skills.
I have educational and professional backgrounds, which put me in a good position to be able to join your marketing graduate program as it will give me a chance to advance myself in the marketing field. I have already graduated from the American School in Vienna Austria and have completed a certificate for Microsoft and spreadsheet design in Florida Bara ton. I feel that my educational qualifications are valuable for my career advancement as they have given me business management and presentation skills and this gives me a good base for learning how to analyze the market and present my findings.
Professionally, I have worked in the film, banking and architectural sectors. In the film industry I participated in directing, editing and acting in three short films, working as an actor, assistant director and sound assistant in a documentary film ‘Ring Kai ring’ in 2008 in Vienna Austria. This gave me the chance to work in a leadership position where I was able to coordinate activities to ensure that the films were a success. Working in the film industry has impacted in me leadership and communication skills, which are also essential in marketing as they will help me relating with customers to know their needs. In the banking industry, I did internship in the largest Bank in the Arab world ’NCB Capital’ in Bahrain. This Bank enjoys A+ rating from S&P and it gave me an opportunity to learn how to relate with different clients. Finally, I did an internship in an architecture company ‘Zahuir Fayez’ in 2007 in Saudi Arabia and all these three attachments have allowed me to learn how to relate with different people, which is very vital for a marketing professional. I want to study in your university and focus on marketing management so that it can allow me to advance my knowledge in customer management by analyzing the market so as to meet marketing objectives.
I want to study at Pace University because of your outstanding education strategies, which aim at putting theory into practice by understanding the market and ensuring that the right methods are used to ascertain customer satisfaction.
Given my past experience and international exposure, having lived my life in Vienna Austria, Beirut, Lebanon, London and Florida since 2007, I am certain that I will fit in your program and will exceed your expectations. Through this exposure, I am fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish, which I feel will be important in my career by relating to consumers in different markets. I am from Saudi Arabia have noticed the growing market and international business in the middle east countries such as Dubai and Qatar and an opportunity to advance my knowledge will help in in venturing into this markets and benefit the company I work for and the nations as well.
Thank you for considering my application and I am looking forward for your acceptance.
Sincerely yours,
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