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University of Notre Dame - Admission/Application Essay Example

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If I had the privilege of attending the University of Notre Dame,I would attempt to change the way things are run. I would set up an online sharing site where all of the university’s issues could be discussed.Also, the students could talk about things that they would like to change in the university…
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University of Notre Dame
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Extract of sample "University of Notre Dame"

Introduction The stock market is where investors gain wealth through methodical approaches. Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, and George Soros have made their fortunes in the stock market. They inspire me to learn about master trading and investment philosophies. Investing and trading in the stock market with can be expensive. Someone always loses out in financial transactions—money simply changes hands. The stock market never generates as much as a manufacturing unit, which adds value during various processes. On the contrary, it takes money out of the market through commissions and taxes. As I did not have much to trade with, I began by using three methods. The first method is Buffet’s philosophy—“all eggs should not be in the same basket.” Because of this, I consciously decided to diversify my long-term portfolio in companies across various industry sectors. I also remembered that there should be no more than two companies in a sector. Secondly, a stock simulator’s best application is when investing for short-term swing trading. Stocks fluctuate constantly due to demand and supply. Fundamental factors do not influence short-term investments, so I exploit the swings of a stock. Notre Dame’s mission statement emphasizes an education should “create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice.” Describe an experience that engaged you both intellectually and morally. During my undergraduate study, I took an ethics course. This class really opened my eyes up to the outside world. Previously, I did not care too much for “everyone out there.” Whatever happened to them did not concern me because it was none of my business. This course taught me that I have to be socially responsible for everyone else. My actions can directly or indirectly affect someone else in a positive or negative manner. It wasn’t good enough just to recognize the social problems in the world; I had to act on my emotions. As a result of taking this class, I became involved in many social action groups. When I participated in these groups, I felt encouraged because I was with likeminded people. I may not be able to effect change on my own. But, with the help of others, I can make a difference in the world. You have 150 words. Take a risk. If I had the privilege of attending the University of Notre Dame, I would attempt to change the way things are run. I would set up an online sharing site where all of the university’s issues could be discussed. Also, the students could talk about things that they would like to change in the university. These discussions would be completely private and would not allow any teachers to interfere. The purpose would be to allow meaningful discussion that would result in significant changes occurring within the university. Although the University of Notre Dame is a very old institution, there are some procedures that need to adapt to the modern day. This would in no way mean to threaten the university’s traditions, but rather offer advice from students about how to change the university to make it a better experience for the students. After all, the university belongs to its students. Why are you interested in attending the University of Notre Dame? My interest in the University of Notre Dame is due to the high quality of education on offer. I am naturally hard-working and enjoy a challenge. Becoming a student at the University of Notre Dame will allow me to broaden my horizons about the world. I enjoy meeting new people and will take the necessary time in order to get to know the entire faculty at the University of Notre Dame. I would like my college education experience to be as pleasing as possible. I am willing to take on advice because I admit that I do have some deficiencies in certain areas. My strengths of in-depth listening and understanding will help me to process new information in a fast and efficient manner. Overall, I expect that my time at the University of Notre Dame will help shape my thoughts and values as I make my way in the world. Read More
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