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The Issue of Death - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the issue of death which has been debated for quite some time with the philosophers putting their weight on the same issue. According to the old Greek proverb, death and sleep are brothers and as such, death is a form of sleep…
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The Issue of Death
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Death"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Issue of Death " talks about the issue of death which has been debated for quite some time with the philosophers putting their weight on the same issue. According to the old Greek proverb, death and sleep are brothers and as such, death is a form of sleep.Sleeping of the body occurs because the personal human being is absent. Therefore, when human beings sleep, they do so in a state of complete unconsciousness as a result of failing to become self-conscious during the prior time to sleep. Death is equally the same as sleeping with the only variance resulting from one degree evidenced by the failure of regaining unconsciousness. A counter argument to the concept that death is the same as sleep or a form of deep sleep attributes death as annihilation to indicate a form of extinction, eradication or a form of extermination. The concept of annihilation towards death is considered based on the fact that unlike sleeping where the person awakes, it never happens with a dead person. Once death strikes, the person is no longer there and it is impossible to regain the earlier form of that person. If in any case death was a form of deep sleep it was possible to regain consciousness after a certain period of time but it never occurs as such. When death occurs, an individual is not there and when an individual is, death is not. The counter argument based on death as annihilation that refutes claims of death as a deep sleep follows its premise through examination of previous supporting evidence of the concept. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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