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Death and the Way That People Perceive It - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Death and the Way That People Perceive It" tells that most people in society fear death. The fear of the unknown has made death to be taken as a mystery. Several authors have different views regarding death. Riley and Green attempt to analyze death based on the concepts of Christianity…
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Death and the Way That People Perceive It
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Extract of sample "Death and the Way That People Perceive It"

Download file to see previous pages Death impacts differently on people. To humankind, death is the last and worst possible punishment on anyone and no wonder it is a taboo in many societies. Death to a random person whom one is not well acquainted with is not taken seriously. Referring to death as ‘passing away’ or ‘moving on’ is enough proof showing how much fear death causes to the living leading to the formation of these gentle names.
In religion, death is a passage to the afterlife, which is good for the holy but a punishment for the sinners. Those that believe in reincarnation know that when they die, their reincarnations are bad and have come back to pay for their sins. Christians believe death is a passage to a better life and the rising of Jesus on the cross symbolizes the conquest over death. It is however evident everyone has their own explanation on why death spreads fear to all people.
Several authors write about death but they all end up trying to comfort the masses religiously on death. In Clarence and Gregory’s work, ‘taking the sting out of death a Christian perspective’ they write about their knowledge on death and how the bible explains it. They claim that despite the knowledge that all people born will one day die, people, react differently towards this fact. Some people let this fact dictate their life and therefore end up living in fear of dying. This fear in others is applicable in self-motivation by knowing one has a specific time to accomplish all they want.
Fear is the emotion aroused by knowledge of impending pain, danger or evil. The authors argue that since all humanity was in the image of God, death was not an option since according to the bible God is ever-present. The eating of the forbidden fruit at the Garden of Eden brought death upon humanity. This symbolizes that death is a sort of punishment upon humanity for the disobedience to the creator. God has the right to take lives; however, no one else has a right as seen when Cain killed his brother God cursed him to wander the earth. This further shows death as a huge deal that should be left to the creator alone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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