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We See and Understand Things Not as They are But as We are - Essay Example

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The intellectual levels of the individuals are different and hence the perceptions, reasoning, numerical analysis or interpretations of same thing by different individuals might be different. In other words, “We see…
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We See and Understand Things Not as They are But as We are
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"We See and Understand Things Not as They are But as We are"

Download file to see previous pages But they often arrive at different conclusions because of different abilities of perceptions by different people. For example consider the consumer habits. Same product might be perceived differently by even siblings or twins. It is not necessary that two people making a purchase of mobile phone from a supermarket may opt for same brand or model even if their financial abilities are the same. Both of them may purchase different cell phones because of their difference in perceptions. In this paper I will investigate why we see and understand things not as they are but as we are. Furthermore, I will investigate whether the sight is the only way of perception that relates to how we understand things; and whether “things” is an indication of physical or abstract objects, theories and ideas.
The perception of an object is actually the interpretation and sensation of the object’s reality that may be affected by our beliefs and expectations. It is therefore, important to analyze human behavior in terms of actions that are based on rational or irrational decisions. Various philosophers and social scientists have propounded theories that try to explain human behavior under normal and extreme circumstances. But they agree that the rational or irrational behavior is subjective to one’s approach and understanding of the issue that broadly confines to individual’s choice and thereby his or her actions. Hence, whatever we do, it is based on reasoning or motivating forces that influence the way we think. For example, a lady perceived as a beautiful angel by a male might be a devil for another male because of their changes in the way of thinking. Here same object, the lady, perceived differently by two persons even though the lady did not undergo any changes.
Although, we react according to our individual perception of the event, it is equally true that our reactions are also influenced by the manipulations of the information that are retained in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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