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The researcher of this essay "Post-Modernism and art" analyzes the art of postmodernism. Trying to come up with such a work of art is a process that went through various stages before acceptance in the international world. Art is also about performance. …
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Post-Modernism and art
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Postmodernism Various discussions of post modernism perceive art as a process, performance, production and recyclingof culture authenticated audience. Julian Schnabel’s painting of 1978 referred to as the patients and the doctors was trying to destroy the illusion that many people had of reality and that a representational painting often tries to create. His work of art propelled his originality and made him at the center of the 1980s world of art internationally. Event at this early juncture in life, he was still relying on film and cinema to fuel his imagination. Trying to come up with such a work of art is a process that went through various stages before acceptance in the international world.
Art is also about performance. For instance in the camp by Sigma polke the artists chooses to make his art work difficult to classify to represent his emotions and leave a lot of meaning for individuals to interpret on their own. The emotions portrayed lifelessness and the act of taking the life of another individual are caused by the artist’s decision not to portray a single human figure in the artwork. Though the absence of any human figure depicts the absence of humanity in the artwork, it extrapolates on the issue of death and destruction during holocaust. During holocaust, the Nazis had no respect of humanity since they attempted to kill off a large portion of humanity. This is the idea that is brought forth by the lifeless polke shows in the artwork. All the ideas and emotions expressed are only implied due to lack of any human figure or faces to display it.
Quaternity is another artwork by Anself Keifer that depicts art as a production in the post modernism era. The painting has a rough grains on the floorboards traced in various charcoal lines bleeding over a burlap canvas. There are three flames burning at the centre with each one being a member of the Christian fraternity: father, son, and the Holy Spirit. At the right hand corner, there emerges a snake that commune through the flames and it is labeled as Satan. In his sense, he labels the Christian fraternity and Satan as having a complex relationship by placing Satan equidistant from the three Christian trinities. Thus, his artwork portrays that Christianity suppressed evil. In the artwork, every trinity has a hidden fourth, which all the three combine to make a quaternity.
In his brain by David sale, there is a picture of a naked woman on a bed. The image is almost pornographic. Across the canvass are tiny images of Abraham Lincoln that are taken from pennies. These images suggest cheapness and moral rectitude. The conflicting meaning in the artwork competes with each other and competes over the naked woman thus draining its pornographic content (Dziamski and Pietrzak 12). This relays the recycling of a culture authenticated by the audience. Though pornography is prohibited in most states, the artwork tries to reveal pornography on a lighter note. Thus, most individuals are able to identify with the artwork though on a lighter note.
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Dziamski, Grzegorz and Andrzej Pietrzak. Art in postmodern era. Berlin: Lit, 2012. Read More
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