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Why the Renaissance has been called the birth of modernity - Essay Example

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This essay describes that of the modernism origins and backgrounds and its historical development factors, we may conclude that its mature features expressed the particular type of the Renaissance type of rationality. The sense underlying in its basis claimed to continue Renaissance traditions…
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"Why the Renaissance has been called the birth of modernity"

Download file to see previous pages Renaissance was a powerful humanistic and cultural movement, which was featured with bright and cheerful expectations from the future. It was the time when people finally believed in own powers, so they had no insurmountable obstacles to the historical ascent to freedom, happiness and justice.Thus, as the Renaissance, the Modernism got its reputation of being the age of rebirth of exploration and learning. In contrast to the eclecticism with its interest to the reliability of the playback of national and historic art individual parts Modernism tried to revive the spirit of stylistic unity of artistic organisms. It was inherent to medieval or folk art, as well as to the Renaissance art. Abandoning from attempts to "reanimate" outdated academic standards by copying the styles of the past, modernist artists came to the new principles by shaping styling features of various eras and styles art. Through the understanding of the new designs and materials and as well as through using the rich ornamentation of natural motifs, modern art brought not only ornamental beginning but also unprecedented rhythms, especially the mobility of nervous lines and shapes, and that incorporated all kinds of art of this period.So, as you can see, the effects of the European Renaissance were felt during the Modernity, as well as it is prevalent in contemporary society, when the cyber revolution is well underway following Machiavelli’s tenet of acceptance any means for achievement of desired purpose. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why the Renaissance Has Been Called the Birth of Modernity Essay)
Why the Renaissance Has Been Called the Birth of Modernity Essay.
“Why the Renaissance Has Been Called the Birth of Modernity Essay”, n.d.
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The Renaissance: Birth of Modernity
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