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Wk4 DQ elementary Math - Coursework Example

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If confronted by parents concerning the scenario I will respond as follows.
Mathematics is different from other subjects taught in…
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Wk4 DQ elementary Math
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Extract of sample "Wk4 DQ elementary Math"

Wk4 DQ elementary Math Success in mathematics does not depend on their ability to solve mathematical problems but their understanding of the solution. If confronted by parents concerning the scenario I will respond as follows.
Mathematics is different from other subjects taught in elementary school and, therefore, students require a different approach. Teaching mathematics involves linking abstract ideas and reality. In this case, an abstract idea might be a mathematics formula while reality can be the real life implication of mathematical concept behind the formulae. The mind of an average student does not have this ability. My use of manipulative is to enhance understanding of abstract ideas. In addition, mathematics is not an attractive subject to most students. I therefore, use manipulative to make the subject interesting among students.
The importance of set theory as an elementary mathematics course has often been overlooked. Set theory is the basis of mathematics (Vaugh, 2001). The importance of set theory is more evident in higher mathematic courses than in courses taught at elementary schools. In elementary schools, all mathematics problems are carried on the set of natural numbers (1, 2, 3…). This aspect makes people to assume basics factors about set theory such as axioms (Vaugh, 2001). Set theory is the basis of higher mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry and complex Analysis.
To introduce set theory in an elementary school I will use real life scenarios. In this case, I will take the classroom as a set. Students will represent objects in the set while different groups of student who have similar characteristics will represent subsets within the main set. I will also use set builder notation to teach the subject.
Vaugh, R.(2001). Set Theory: An Introduction. New York: Springer Read More
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Wk4 DQ Elementary Math Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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