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Factors Affecting or Predicting Student Performance - Research Paper Example

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The study "Factors Affecting or Predicting Student Performance" makes it evident that overall performance depends on a student’s performance in each of the unit courses, previous education, specifically previous maths education nor demographics could significantly affect his overall performance…
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Factors Affecting or Predicting Student Performance
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Extract of sample "Factors Affecting or Predicting Student Performance"

Download file to see previous pages For this study, the dependent variable was “First Year Performance” which was measured by taking the average of the grades received by the student from the courses he was taking. Independent variables were region, age, and gender. The region referred to the student’s place of study and took the values of EU, OS, and the UK. Age was divided into two values: regular (below 21 years old as of 1st September at the year of intake) and mature (below 21 years old as of 1st September at the year of intake). Gender took the values of Male and Female.
Frequency count was used to finding the number of respondents per category. In finding the relationship between continuous variables (e. g. scores), Pearson’s correlation techniques were used. In finding the relationship between categorical variables, cross-tabulation and chi-square tests were performed on the data. To investigate the effects of prior maths education on unit scores and overall performance, t-test was conducted. Finally, to find out which variables predicted overall performance, regression analysis was performed.
There were a total of 236 respondents surveyed for this study. Table 1 shows the country of origin of the respondents. Figures indicate that the majority of the respondents are from the UK (36.4%), China (25.4%), and India (8.5%). In terms of the Program that the respondents are taking up, 36.4% are majoring in MSc (Hons) Management (n = 88), 26.3% in Marketing (n = 62), 16.1% in Accounting (n = 38), 12.3% in IBE (n = 29), 3.8% in Human Resources (n = 9), and 3.4% in IS (n = 8). There are 2 respondents each majoring in Decision Making and in Operations.
Of the respondents surveyed, 53.8% are from the OS region (n = 127), 36.4% are from the UK region (n = 86), and 9.7% are from the EU region (n = 23). There were 87.3% of respondents who were considered regular students (n = 206), while 12.7% are mature students (n = 30). There were more female respondents in this study at 53.4% (n = 126) compared with male respondents at 46.6% (n = 110). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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