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Annotated Bibliography - Rubric/Expectations - Assignment Example

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment Name Institution Tutor Date Annotated Bibliography Assignment Introduction Several studies on students’ academic performance reveal that there are factors like age, gender, economic standards, students preferences, as well as the conditions which learning takes place that affect students’ academic achievement…
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Annotated Bibliography Assignment - Rubric/Expectations
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Download file to see previous pages Annotated bibliography Anderson, G., Benjamin, D. and Fuss, M.A. (1994).The determinants of success in university introductory economics courses. Journal of Economic Education, 25(2): 99 – 119. This researcher discovered that parents’ economic status, self-motivation, and age of student, learning preferences, class attendance and students’ entry prerequisites as factors that have an important effect on the learners’ academic performance in different settings. This study does not specify its sample used and the hypothesis stated. However, it will add more information of research conducted on the students’ academic achievement. It fails to explain the relationship between skipping breakfast and students’ academic performance in classes held before lunch. Harb, N., & El-Shaarawi, A. (2006). Factors affecting student performance. Munich Personal RePEc Archive Paper No. 13621. Accessed on October 02, 2013 from These researchers conducted study on students’ academic performances and the factors that affect academic performance. Using a section of 864 CBE learners and regression analysis, the results indicated that the most important factor that affects student's performance is the student's competence in English. The study discovered absenteeism from school and living in congested homes negatively influences student's academic performance. The findings also indicated that non-citizen students do well than the local students and ladies do better than the male students. Additionally, the findings may be helpful in an understanding how skipping classes hinders performance especially if they also missed breakfast. Park, K. H., & Kerr, P. M. (1990). Determinants of academic performance: A Multinomial logit approach. Journal of Economic Education, 21(2): 101–111. This article makes use of university management information system to examine the connection between leaner behavior in terms of fast response in confirming enrolment processes and students’ academic performance. The study shows how a leaner’s punctuality in school enrolling, or lack of immediate enrolment can demonstrate a useful prediction of academic achievement. Numerous explanations can be provided, as well as the movement to procrastinate within the school. This study did not test any hypothesis and the findings will be used to explain the gaps in the students’ academic performance before lunch when they skip breakfast. Romer, D. (1993). Do students go to class? Should they? Journal of Economic Perspectives, 7(3): 167– 174. This article presents a quantitative review on the students’ academic performance; if they attend class and if they do not attend class at all. This study was guided by the two research question. The first question sought responses on how classroom attendance counts in Financial courses in three comparatively elite colleges. Absence is widespread in the colleges. Secondly, regression analysis was meant to describe absenteeism and students’ academic performance. The study found that students’ absenteeism affects their academic performance. This study used a sample of 6000 students to test the relationship between students’ academic performance and absenteeism. This study will help develop the knowledge gap on what has been done so far on students’ academi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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