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Methods for mitigating challenges encountered in the classroom - Coursework Example

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All the desks face forward, and students sit next to one another to promote discussion. The teacher’s desk is in front of the classroom. All students are together in front of the classroom. The teacher locates a calendar on…
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Methods for mitigating challenges encountered in the classroom
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"Methods for mitigating challenges encountered in the classroom"

Download file to see previous pages One observes direct instruction where the teacher calls a student to demonstrate the date to the other students. Children at this tender age tend to forget terribly and hence the teacher emphasizes on repetition. The teacher keeps on explaining and clarifying rules to multicultural students. The class employs Cooperative Learn Groups where a student learns rules via demonstration and practice from other students. Students observe the behavior of the others who already know the rules. The desks are next to one another to support discussion among students (Salvin, 2006, p. 207).
The students take time before they adjust to the instructions that the teacher provides. Some students find themselves unconsciously speaking in other languages. The teacher has to make sure that they cover all the rules in different languages to ensure that all the students understand. The students learn the rules best by practice and demonstration from other students who already understand the rules (Salvin, 2006, p. 101). The multicultural students find compliance with the rules hard. When Monica tells Jeanette to get the glue out, she uses Spanish. This makes her not to understand the instructions.
This pedagogical strategy is this video is effective since it mitigates the challenges that the students encounter in a classroom with English language learners. The strategy that this video employs is demonstration. The teacher encourages students to demonstrate their answers to the other students in class. It mitigates the challenges that ELL students face by demonstrating instructions. This enables students to acquire skills that are necessary in the process of learning English.
The student engagement with instruction is medium. This is because students come from different multicultural backgrounds and thus making it difficult follow instruction. The teacher corrects them appropriately and encourages learning among students themselves through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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