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In the paper “Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition,” the author selects some pedagogically sound principles and explores how those principles can be applied in the context of CALL. The term CALL means language learning with, through, or around computer technologies…
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Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition
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Download file to see previous pages Computer-assisted learning takes place in many different economic, cultural, social and linguistic contexts, and can be used to support a variety of learning goals and standards. Apart from desktop computers, CALL involves such devices as mobile phones with text messaging and Web searching functions, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops and peripherals, including digital cameras, piano keyboards, prints and scanners, software, courseware, online courses, programs, language-learning Web sites, packages, and learning environments (Egbert and Petrie, 2005; Levy and Stockwell, 2006). All these technologies can be used to learn a foreign language through different modes, including oral, visual, graphical and textual. Furthermore, computer language learning involves a variety of different tasks, the content, structure, and organization of which may have a significant impact on language learning performance (Egbert and Petrie, 2005).
Moreover, CALL can be used to support the application of several important language learning and teaching principles, such as a learner-centered approach, making use of the language learning potential (focus on form), focus on meaning, authenticity, impact, and practicality (Chapelle, 2001). These principles have a significant influence on a language learning performance and, thus, should be applied when teaching and learning a second or foreign language.
Learner-centered approach
The learner-centered approach takes into account the learners’ background, role, and perspective. When designing a learner-centered curriculum, learners play a very important role in choosing their learning methods, materials, and content of their course (Nunan, 1988). In case of computer-assisted language learning, the main principle underlying this approach states that human-centered technology – in other words, all technological devices that are consistent with the way the human mind works, enhance the learning process more effectively than not learner-centered materials (Mayer, 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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