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A Quality Candidate for the Position of Teacher - Essay Example

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Teachers are expected to create the most conducive learning environment that would design and impart theoretical concepts according to defined modules. The writer of this essay explains how his past personal and professional experiences make him a quality candidate for the position of teacher…
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A Quality Candidate for the Position of Teacher
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Extract of sample "A Quality Candidate for the Position of Teacher"

A Quality Candidate for the Position of Teacher
A quality candidate for the position of a teacher should embody traits and qualifications that would ensure that the responsibilities and roles of the academic profession are appropriately and effectively undertaken. Teachers are expected to create the most conducive learning environment that would design and impart theoretical concepts according to defined modules and encourage students to be actively engaged in the learning process. As a Bilingual Math teacher with extensive experiences in curriculum design, integrating technological applications, and applying a multidimensional approach in teaching, I strongly believe that I am a quality candidate for the position of a teacher.
Being a Bilingual Math teacher for the past 4 years has paved the way for the continued personal and professional growth in terms of honing skills in instructional design, creation of an interactive learning environment, incorporating technology in education, and adhering to ethical and moral codes of conduct expected of the teaching profession. The continued interaction with various academic stakeholders from diverse cultural orientations enabled continuous improvement of knowledge, abilities and skills required in the academe. Other than the teaching experience, one previously assumed the position of an accountant for Angelo & Carlos, lnc., an organization in New York and the role of a manager for the U.S. Marine. The leadership skills, professional discipline, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as problem-solving and decision-making abilities have all been gained from past personal and professional experiences. All of these are contributory to enhanced competencies in handling classroom management and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse academic environments. Read More
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