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Employment information report - Essay Example

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The department of human resource has always impressed me because this department is responsible for managing the most essential asset of any organization- the employees. Grobler mentions that if the HR department manages the employees’ skills and maintains a high level of…
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Employment information report
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Download file to see previous pages After much investigation, I have found that Akzonobel is a Dutch based multinational organization which is known for producing premium quality specialty chemicals, performance coatings and decorative paints. The company has its headquarter in Amsterdam and is divided into eleven business units. Akzonobel employees over more than forty thousand people in over eighty countries. The company is known to be making increasing profits each year and as of year 2014, the sales recorded were around fourteen billion. Akzonobel has a history of mergers and acquisitions. The recent merger took place with ICI paints in the year 2008. Akzonobel is a company where the growth of organization is as important as the growth of its employees. Here, people come from diverse backgrounds where they are allowed to perform freely based on their skills, experiences and talents. With extensive training, mentoring and coaching, the skills of employees are enhanced and the career development is given much significance. Along with a handsome compensation package, the employees are offered a challenging yet comfortable environment where they could build up on their knowledge for present as well as future performance.
As mentioned, I would like to apply for the position of HR manager in Akzonobel. After looking at the job responsibility listed on the web as well as interviewing one of the HR managers, I have made a summary of the job requirements and duties.
Akzonobel has listed down the features which must be present in a candidates’ profile in order that his application be considered. He must have minimum of master’s degree in human resource, certification would be considered as a plus. The company will prefer someone who has been working in the same position with a multinational organization for at least five to ten years. The candidate is expected to be a local of the country so that he could understand and practice his knowledge as per the geographical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employment Information Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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