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Online learners must follow some specific strategies to be successful in online learning environments.
Some of the strategies, which can be useful for students, include…
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Strategies for Success in the Online Learning Environment
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Online Learning Environment An online learning environment is one in which teachers are not present in front of the physically. Online learners must follow some specific strategies to be successful in online learning environments.
Strategies for Success
Some of the strategies, which can be useful for students, include communication through writing, perfection in web navigation, proper time management, self-motivation, and commitment. Let us describe some of the most effective strategies for online learning.
Communication through Writing
Ability to communicate through writing is very important for a student doing online stydy. “In online learning environment, most communications will be done in written format” (Harvard, 2010). Therefore, every student studying in online environment should be able to communicate with teachers through writing.
Web Navigation
Another way for students to achieve success in online learning environments is to get perfection in web navigation. As most of the communication between teachers and students is done through internet, so students should be proficient in using different internet applications. Perfection in web navigation is essential in order to participate in online discussions and online quizzes and assignments.
Time Management
Time management is also necessary for online learning students. Students studying in online environments need to schedule their time properly in order to avoid mismanagement. Time management plays an important role in the success of students because they have to submit quizzes and assignments within deadline considering all technological issues, such as, network failure or site overload.
These were some of the main strategies, which students can use to achieve success in online learning environments.
Before going into the discussion regarding online learning, let us get a better understanding of what online learning environment actually is. Online learning refers to the environment where students and teachers communicate with each other using communication technologies, such as, video tapes, television, and internet. “Distance learning is a course or program completed remotely from the school or university which offers the educational opportunity” (Rogers, n.d.). Online learning is getting more and more fame these days because it is proving to be very beneficial for students. It not only helps students manage their studies in accordance with other commitments of life but also provides a good way to the students to learn independently.
To be successful in an online learning environment, a student needs to have some key skills and abilities. There exist a number of strategies for students to prosper in online learning environments. Some of the main techniques include proper time management, written communication skills, and web navigation skills. Threaded discussion boards and online quizzes and assignments are some of the distinguishing features of online learning environments. Discussion boards not only enable communication between teachers and students but also it provides a way to the students to interact with other students enrolled in their course. Some online institutes make use of graded discussion boards to measure knowledge of the students. Students need to be perfect in using internet in order to participate properly in general and graded discussion boards.
Summing it up, online learning environments are being successful in providing an interactive way of learning to the students in which students and teachers can interact with each other without any physical presence.
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