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How Children Learn the Sounds of Their Language - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that children acquire the sounds of their language from the pre-linguistic stage itself. This process refers to the natural assimilation of sounds. This involves a sort of intuition. Phonological development in children has been an interesting topic of study for years. …
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How Children Learn the Sounds of Their Language
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the paper that phonological development in children has got various steps, which are equally important. Though the capacity to acquire a language is innate, an assistance and scaffolding are necessary for the children. The discussion highlights the point that as the children are not born talking, they should learn the language. This is actually cannot be called learning, but acquisition of language; learning is artificial and conscious, but acquisition is natural and it is a biologically triggered behaviour. This behaviour is being modified every minute. This modification is done naturally with the exposure they get around them to acquire language. The discussion on the delayed speech and factors influencing phonological development sounds very significant. As communication is the pedestal of life such a study of phonological development is very constructive and ever relevant.
The discussion on phonological development cannot be paused anywhere as it has a lot of interrogative dimensions. The theories mentioned in this paper indicate the role of phonological development in the cognitive expansion of the children. Verbal communication, which is the possession of human beings only, has a pivotal role in the overall development of them. It is communication that unfastens the ties which deny entrance to the world of knowledge and all that is obligatory in human life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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