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Accreditation of Educational Institutions - Essay Example

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In the paper “Accreditation of Educational Institutions,” the author examines a bilateral process of a standardized educational design between a recognized educational institution and an accreditation agency. Majority of accreditation agencies look forward to encouraging the self-study patterns…
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Accreditation of Educational Institutions
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Extract of sample "Accreditation of Educational Institutions"

Download file to see previous pages The agencies are expected to monitor the affairs of the educational institute and allow them membership by accreditation and evaluate the process of educational plans being executed by the member institute over a given period of its membership validity (Mora, 2004, p.437,).
Accreditation agencies are of the view that human abilities are to be enhanced with independent learning strategy along with theoretical knowledge invested into their brains. They set standards of recognition and identity criteria for each member college with a view to cater the needs of students, who are mostly of creditable brilliance and partly employed. Banks and educational authorities at higher levels take feedback from the accreditation agencies for promoting the initiatives of each member college and forward proceedings for fund allotment and scholarship support to students as needed. Once the evaluation is on the onset, the educational institutions are accountable for their operative activities to the agency as it is the negotiator between the institution and the ultimate higher authorities.
A search for the best-known accreditation agency in the world ends at Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) of America. Accreditation of colleges and other educational organizations can be easier with the application of some basic principles as set approved by CHEA. The CHEA principles are aimed at regulating the standards of all member colleges with the norms of CHEA. Principle.1 deals with considerations and actions for accreditation of non-US institutions and programs in other countries. Principle.2 considers the expectation for the conduct of US accreditation reviews of non-US institutions and their programs in another country.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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