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Reauthorization Act of the Higher Education Act - Research Paper Example

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The community college's role of ensuring the security of distance learning students The act requires that college must verify identity of a student who takes part in coursework and lectures by using one of two methods depending on the choice of the institution…
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Reauthorization Act of the Higher Education Act
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Download file to see previous pages The act clarifies in writing that colleges are obliged to use processes that guarantee the security of distance learning students and inform students about any probable extra student fees related to student identity verification, if any, when the student is registering of enrolling. How will this impact the college in terms of instruction, resources, economics, testing, and privacy? The consequence of this authorization is that colleges that are presently offering distance learning programs in all states will have to acquire authorization in each of those states. Authorization agencies at the state level are recognized in all the fifty states and nine U.S. territories. In sixteen states, more than one governing agency exists, bringing the full number of agencies to seventy-six. Since each state and agency has its unique authority to set up unique requirements, standards, and procedures; this procedure will be extremely lengthy and intricate. The application processes and fees in some states are ambiguous; others are exposed to interpretation, while many are presently under revision or review. It is not in all states that accreditation is required as part of its authorization process and a small number of agencies by now need to be authorized in terms of physical presence. Furthermore, several factors determine where and how to request authorization. These include institutional delivery formats, the type of institution, and the kinds of educational activities that are to be undertaken within the borders of a state. In summary, colleges will have to meet the following requirements going by the act: i. Create a unique username/ password solution in case they have not already done that. (ITC Annual Survey for 2008 found that 96% of institutions report they already do this) ii. Expand past this standard depending on projected accreditation expectations and enhanced solutions. iii. Focus more attention to academic integrity issues. (“ACE Analysis”, 2008) What technological tools exist to assist with meeting the requirements of this provision? Both high-tech and low-tech technological instruments can be used to meet the requirements of this provision. Studies about biometric student authentication systems show that there are a range of familiar identification technologies existing that might be used (Mann & Ward, 2011). Colleges can use these systems anytime a student logs into the learning administration system, during synchronous lecture sessions and in proctoring circumstances. Some of the high-tech technologies include: •iris scanning, •fingerprint scanning, •keyboard typing cadence, •handwriting recognition and •speech recognition. In terms of non-biometric authentication, some of the technologies that can be used include: •remote, onsite proctors who supervise the students sitting for the exam at the location of the students; • Microphones and web cameras that visually record the surrounding of the student during the examination, including background noise and movements; •“out-of-wallet” data withdrawal of private information that necessitates that the students answer personal questions prior to taking the exam or in the course of the exam; •verification of IP address verification: this requires students to take their exam on a definite computer; • lockdown browsers that forbid students browsing the internet or using instant messaging applications during the course of the exam (inside a learning administ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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