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The writer of the essay "The importance of having enough knowledge about Testing" suggests that knowledge and awareness concerning the concepts of “bilingualism” as well “testing” are regarded as crucial and significant, for the teachers in the field of language studies…
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The importance of having enough knowledge about Testing
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The importance of having enough knowledge about Testing The topics of bilingualism and testing are very interesting and very important for teachers to be aware of. Knowledge and awareness concerning the concepts of “bilingualism” as well “testing” are regarded as crucial and significant, for the teachers in the field of language studies. As a second language teacher, I found it very useful to be enrolled in a course that deals with the various aspects of bilingualism and testing my participation in such a course which dealt with issues associated with ‘bilingualism’ and ‘testing’ helped me in gaining a wider understanding of the subjects. I have gone over researched a wide variety of different articles online that which dealt with bilingualism and assessment and the issue of testing caught my attention.
When it comes to teaching a second language, one of the most difficult issue is how to determine students performance One of the most intricate concerns, often faced by teachers involved in imparting second language training is – development of a proper method of evaluating the students’ performance. For this purpose, second language teachers should must not only have possess adequate knowledge of regarding appropriately ‘testing’ their students but also must have how to test their students but they also should have prior knowledge about bilingualism. In my opinion, bilingualism and testing are related when it comes to teaching and a second language in particular On the basis of my extensive research on the subject, I can safely state that ‘bilingualism’ and ‘testing’ are closely related – particularly in terms of second language studies. To measure the progress of students, a certain type of testing should take place. The accurate evaluation of a student’s performance entails adoption of an appropriate method of testing. An instructor will not be able to give a good test unless s/he has a enough information on how to test students In the absence of such an awareness, the instructors may not be able to develop an effective test, thereby hindering its very purpose. Testing or assessment has different types. There are various types of testing or assessment procedures. When it comes to measure a While evaluating the progress of a student in a certain skill, a the teacher should must find develop the best way an effective method of testing and the suitable type of testing so the test which is both will be reliable and as well as valid.
Before Prior to my enrolling enrollment in this Master program, I did not have enough lacked adequate knowledge about regarding such crucial issues as ‘assessment’ and ‘testing’, and my experience as a second language (English) teacher at various schools as well as at a university, failed to offer the much needed guidance and awareness on such issues. even though I have taught English at different schools and finally I ended up teaching at a university. Due to On account of such lack of knowledge of testing, I found it so encountered various difficulties to in testing different levels of students. However, after taking this participating in this course and the Practicum course, I will be very aware of how to test my students my knowledge and understanding of these crucial concepts has widened and helped me in appropriately evaluating the performance of my students irrespective of their levels. In my opinion, I strongly recommend this course to all the second language teachers should enroll in courses that who have to often deal with bilingualism and testing. Finally, I would suggest that future second language teachers should enroll in courses that deal with bilingualism and testing. Read More
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