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Standardized testing - Cons - Research Paper Example

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It is widely believed that educating our children is our top most priority, yet there are many problems seen in the education system, whether it be the money spent annually per student or the standardized testing (Assessor, 2011). For years the state and the national governments…
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Standardized testing - Cons
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Extract of sample "Standardized testing - Cons"

Download file to see previous pages since then it has been a debatable topic. It has become one of the most controversial topics in the education field where educationists have presented different views about this type of testing. Initially, the standardized testing was used to enhance the thinking skills and was seen as a way to expand the education system, but as soon as this type of testing became a persistent aspect of higher education, the educationists criticized it, and argued that this is not the basis of education.
A standardized test is measured and administered in a consistent manner. It usually comprises of multiple choice or true and false questions, it does not encourage critical thinking or analytical study, and rather it repeats the same mindless facts. The standardized tests are needed by schools in order to meet their federal funding. When a school knows that some percentage of their students needs to pass the standardized test in order to ensure their funding, they give this test immense importance (Downing and Haladyna, 2006).
There are test curriculums given to the teachers which include the basic and important items that are featured in this test. According to that, the teachers have to plan their lessons. There is further pressure to get all the material that is needed in order to introduce to the class before the test so that any confusion or trouble of the student can be resolved (Downing and Haladyna, 2006). This system is at times referred to as the system to test the progress made by the teachers and school management rather than addressing to the students’ abilities and learning (Assessor, 2011).
Educationists have long debated on the fact that whether standardized testing is fair. Standardized tests are hence, referred as unfair and unhelpful evaluation tools. In these exams, all the questions are either multiple choice or true and false. All the test takers answer the same questions on the same conditions. These tests reward to quick answers and usually ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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