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Testing on Animals - Essay Example

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It would be of great importance to note from the onset that animal testing does not necessarily mean that the animal has to be killed. Some forms of animal testing only involve the observation of animal…
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Testing on Animals
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Download file to see previous pages The pure research has only the elements of genetics, behavioral and developmental biology. On the other hand, applied research majorly involves biomedical and drug testing (Conn et al, 2008).
Over the years, the non-human animals of different species have been used by researchers in laboratories to establish the root causes of various human health complications and diseases. The testing has also been instrumental in scientific education, especially when illustrating some biological processes such as respiration. As more and new human diseases continue to emerge, pharmaceutical firms have continued to manufacture new drugs that are appropriate for the treatment of such diseases. The new drugs, therefore, must pass a test before they are declared safe for human health; the animal testing. Animal testing, therefore, has been very helpful in determining the effectiveness and safety of any medicine that is intended for treating of human diseases. Some large research institutes and pharmaceutical firms purposefully breed the non-human animals for the sake of the animal testing whiles others prefer capturing the animals from the wild. The commonly used animals during testing include rats, mice, rabbit, fish, monkeys, cats, dogs and birds.
Animal testing has, for many years, led to the discovery of many medical treatment of various diseases; both in human and in other animals. Those who are for the testing say that animal testing is such a big remedy for health complications, and thus, should not face many stringent laws from the government. However, there are those who are against the popular animal testing. These oppose claim that the animals, though living in the wild, have rights too. These two categories of advocators have put the scientific world on a heated debate that does not seem to come to an end soon.
In the 20th Century, the science of animal testing led to the many amazing discovery of medical treatments and advances that aided the treatment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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