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Epistemological and Methodological Approaches - Essay Example

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The beginning of the paper illustrates that epistemology involves the development of a qualitative approach with the help of the quantitative methods. For instance, the first study had adopted mathematical tools like the Annova analysis in order to arrive at a conclusion…
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Epistemological and Methodological Approaches
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Extract of sample "Epistemological and Methodological Approaches"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, virtually epistemology in research means the rule of sciences that derive conclusions based on the information and arguments that are derived from the research study. It includes only those information that can be tested by various means. The ontology of research, on the other hand, involves the worldview with which the researcher progresses towards the study. The epistemological approach involves a conceptualizing process which shows how theory involves and how the theory is revised by varying degree. The epistemological approach involves the development of a qualitative approach and the qualitative approach gets validated by the quantitative methods. The quantitative method always has its origin in the qualitative methods because it is not possible that any quantitative derivation can be made without a qualitative basis. The major methodological positions that are involved in a research design are the positivist approach that is the quantitative approach. The positivist approach can also be called a scientific inquiry that emerges from the metaphysical reaction. Positivism is closely related to empiricism that refers to the scientific methods the aim of which is to establish the truth. The idealistic approach is primarily the qualitative approach. According to idealism reality is not separate from the individuals it is created by the individual mind. The positivist approach combined with the idealist methods can produce a good research design. The first study which we will discuss in the paper is based on the fire setter children and the analysis has been given to justify the behavior of those children. Various causes have been put forward as to why the children behave in such an aggressive manner. The study has also taken into account the difference in attitudes between the fire-setter and non-fire setter children. The second study has discussed the role which the disturbed social relations play in making an individual deviant in nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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