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Pursuing a PhD Degree in the Information Technology Field - Essay Example

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the reporter underlines that a PhD in information technology will allow me to educate at an advanced level.  This will allow me the opportunity to be a mentor and have an influence on the lives of others in a most positive way…
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Pursuing a PhD Degree in the Information Technology Field
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Extract of sample "Pursuing a PhD Degree in the Information Technology Field"

Download file to see previous pages I am prepared to take the next step, in order to fulfill my need to better myself. A part of me wants the Ph.D. because it is the highest degree obtainable. I thought having a Masters would satisfy my need to be the best, but that was not to be. I now know that having a Ph.D. is the real pinnacle of academic success. Having a prestigious degree will take me to the next level in my professional and academic career.
One of my life goals is to leave the next generation with a belief there is no substitute for hard work and education. Lifelong learning enriches our lives and the lives of those around us. There is so much to learn, but so little time to learn and share knowledge.
I have been furthering my education most of my adult life. I have been working as a technologist for more than ten years. In that time I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with many outstanding instructors and mentors. One such mentor is a co-worker who has an uncanny capacity to not only understand complex issues but the ability to share with me the complex solutions. I credit his mentoring with teaching me that having the answers is only part of the equation. The lesson learned from this mentorship impacted the way I now interact with students in my online classes and when interacting with other IT professionals.
In reflection, I would credit the way in which my partner did not judge my lack of talent, but took a genuine interest in my future success as an IT professional. Anyone else might have seen my lack of expertise as a sign of weakness and exploited me to advance their career, but his patience carried me through. The positive impact that my co-worker had on my life, allowed my IT career to flourish. This taught me a valuable lesson on what it takes to be a mentor to someone who has the potential of becoming an information technologist As a networking consultant, how I explain technology to a customer is often the difference between getting to the next level and not getting anywhere at all.  Being an online instructor is much the same way.  Both come down to being a good mentor.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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