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This essay describes experiences student in education and skills in work. I have learnt the need for effective communication and my interpersonal skills have been able to develop properly. Apart from my work and education experiences, I still manage to take some time out for myself…
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Experiences in education and work
received my secondary education from two different schools; the first part is from Montcalm Secondary School for the period of 1999-2001, the second [art of my schooling was from Clarke Road Secondary School, this is where I graduated from in the year 2003. I continued with my education at G.A Wheable Adult Continuing Education School, here I took some courses such as English, Introduction to Entrepreneur and Computer Web Design. I went to Fanshawe College- General Arts and Science Studies for the period of 2004-2005.
After this period I have worked and gained experience from a few places. My first job was at Futureshop, here I worked for two years for the period 2005-2007. At this job I worked in the Customer Service and Communication department. After this job I have been working at Moda Fina Hair and beauty Salon, this job has been taken up by me to make some income. My experience does not only come from the jobs that I have done for income but also from the volunteer work that I have performed. I have volunteered at the Women’s community House where my main job was to help people in sharing experiences and life stories by sharing my story. I have also helped at KiiKeeWanNiiKaan, Southwest Regional Lodge. The volunteer work here was the same as before.
Apart from my work and education experiences, I still manage to take some time out for myself. In this time I like to read books, cook and perform yoga because in my opinion yoga is the path to healthy living. It keeps me fit and energetic but at the same time it relaxes me.
From the places where I have worked and gained experience from, I have learnt the need for effective communication and my interpersonal skills have been able to develop properly. My communication skills before my job were rusty and not up to the mark but I have been able to develop those over the period of a few years. At the beauty salon, I need to interact with all kinds of people. The time period that I have been there, I have learnt how to manage people and make sure that the customer stays happy and is satisfied with my work. From the volunteer work that I have done, I have learned that we should be thankful for all the things we have in life and we should make use of the opportunities that have come to us. There are always people out there who are worse off than us and we should help them in whatever way we can.
From the courses that I have taken at G.A Wheable Adult Continuing Education School, I have developed a broad base for my continuing education. I have the basic knowledge about the courses I would like to take but I want to develop an expertise in those areas. One of my major strengths is that I can do whatever I set my mind too. I was able to go back to college after a long break during which I had to work and support my family. I have stopped most of my activities so that I can dedicate my time to studies and get better grades and be able to graduate.
3. I would like to be a full time student because I want to fully focus on my studies and not be distracted by other activities such as a job. I have stopped working so that I can dedicate all my time to my studies as I would like to get my undergraduate degree in Psychology and then continue to do my PhD in the same field. Read More
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