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Defining the Capabilities of Each Student - Essay Example

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In the following essay “Defining the Capabilities of Each Student” the author looks at teachers who have a crucial role in defining the capabilities of each student and guiding her/him through the different challenges on the path to achievement…
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Defining the Capabilities of Each Student
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Extract of sample "Defining the Capabilities of Each Student"

Teachers have a crucial role in defining the capabilities of each and guiding her/him through the different challenges on the path to achievement. One has to motivate the students inside and outside the class to make them utilize their full potential for excellence. In an age where the sources of knowledge are aplenty, the traditional ways of instruction may not bring good results. When it is possible to get any amount of information at the click of a mouse, the teacher should think of making the most of the situation. Classrooms should be strictly student-centered, where the work done by students is channelised in such a way to bring the maximum benefit. If every student learns to be an active participant in the curriculum, the rate of achievement will rise dramatically. Student achievement in their prospective fields could be materialized only through a proper understanding from the part of the teacher. It is very important to streamline the students on the basis of their respective potential and ability to grasp. This way, the levels of their achievement could be clearly demarcated both by the teacher and the students themselves.
The key role of a teacher in the classroom must be that of a comprehending elder who is approachable on any area related to education. Even as the need for specialization is paramount, the overall personality of teachers makes a great difference in their role as facilitators. Students should be allowed the necessary freedom to communicate with teachers on any issue for which they need help. If there are specific needs from the part of the students which call for some research to be done by the teachers, they must be willing to do that effectively and with competence. An efficient teacher always succeeds in motivating students. This is quite often done through casual remarks in the class or gestures through which one could convince every student that they are specially taken care of. Students of all age groups seek attention inside and outside classrooms. The willingness to accept them as individuals capable of achieving certain goals in their life will help teachers guide them through the trials and tribulations of life and prepare them for success in life. It is very important to learn the names of one’s students, and to address them occasionally. This reassures them a lot and fulfils their needs of identity.
Teachers have the duty to acknowledge the needs of students outside the classrooms as well. Those who are good at gathering information and reproducing them for examinations may not always be well-developed personalities in their public life. What matters the most in life to achieve one’s goals is the ability to present oneself as a pleasant individual with good communication skills and the capability to face adverse situations in life with confidence. This could be attained only through life experiences and clear perception of issues. A teacher could be of great use in preparing students to meet these challenges. The conversations outside the classroom and the tasks that call for activities outside the classroom with some monitoring from the teacher could make sure that all her/his students are on their respective ways to achievements in life. An effective teacher will make sure that the students are always left to their personal resources to tackle an issue, be it a task inside the classroom or some challenge in life. If they are all the time assisted in their tasks, they will take more time to confront the challenges of life. A teacher has the responsibility to make the years of education for a student the most productive in their life, and to ensure their achievement in the areas of their work and in their life in general. The best way in which one could achieve this goal is by focusing on each student as a separate identity and at the same time involve them in the group activities that define them as an integral link in the general student community. Read More
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(Defining the Capabilities of Each Student Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Defining the Capabilities of Each Student Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Defining the Capabilities of Each Student Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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