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This essay presents an application letter to the University of Fairleigh Dickinson. The writer of this letter is encouraged by the number of partnerships that the university has forged with the corporate world and he is eager to participate in the various exchanges that take place at all levels…
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Application Letter to the University of Fairleigh Dickinson
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Application Letter to the University of Fairleigh Dickinson
Most of us aspire to have a very good career and life and in the quest for the best possible things that life can bestow upon us, the primary thing that everyone tries to achieve is to have a very sound education that they believe will lay the foundation for a good career. Apart from a having a sound career, many of us also aspire for developing our personalities on an overall basis. As such, people who aim to mould their lives in such a direction can be termed as being serious with them and their inner conscience and I consider myself to be one among that group.
I have always wanted to get a degree from a reputed university that will offer me innumerable opportunities in life from numerous perspectives. When considering applying to a university, I have based my choices and preferences on a number of criteria such as the reputation of the university, the cosmopolitan nature offered at the campus, the range of courses offered, importance to activities apart from study and lastly the emphasis laid on the exposure to internationalism.
I strongly believe that among the choices that I have considered and researched, the Fairleigh Dickinson University certainly has come to outscore the others as it has provided me with such an insight that has left me mesmerized and created an urge in me to come in and experience the rich heritage personally. The first and the foremost things that captivated my thought when I had a look at the university web portal was the vast number of campuses, colleges and the range of mediums over which priceless education was being offered to prospective students. I sincerely felt that such an extended range of courses left me with much more than I could expect to choose from. I believe that it is extremely important in terms of my career to choose a course of my choice as I firmly believe that in order to succeed at work, true commitment and a liking for the job is a must.
At a personal level, I have always wanted to support the expenses for my education and I was delighted and encouraged upon finding the extensive range of scholarship options that the university offers. I was also encouraged by the fact that the university plays host to a large contingent of students from other countries and I have always been willing to meet new people of different cultures and see the world through them. I strongly believe that if I get an opportunity to meet people from as much as 80 countries, my self belief of being a global citizen will be further strengthened.
I am also happy and encouraged by the number of partnerships that the university has forged with the corporate world and I am eager to participate in the various exchanges that take place at all levels. I have also had a chance to get positive feedback from friends and acquaintances about the success of the university in projecting its students as worthy candidates capable of being recruited by corporate entities.
These facts, which I consider to be the most notable and a number of fairly notable ones have made me look at Fairleigh Dickinson University with a sense of pride and has led me to believe that if there is any place I would like to have a degree from, then it definitely has to be FDU. This assertion within me is not just from the facts that I have been able to hear and see through different mediums, but by just looking at what FDU’s alumni have been able to achieve over the years. Read More
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