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After reading the letter, I was upset and afraid the whole night. Being rejected demoralized me, and I was afraid to break the bad news to my parents. In order to cheer…
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Appeal Letter
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To Whom It May Concern, I am hereby appealing my rejection from the of Southern California for the Fall admission. After reading the letter, I was upset and afraid the whole night. Being rejected demoralized me, and I was afraid to break the bad news to my parents. In order to cheer myself up, I kept on reassuring myself that everything was going to be okay and that God had better plans for me at Loyola Marymount University and not at USC. I was not planning to appeal this decision for fear of being rejected again. However, the events of yesterday made me realize how I have been fooling around all this time. I have been pretending to be okay and fine which is not the case.
During school holidays, I usually go to my father’s automotive workshop and help him in writing bills for the clients. My father is operating his business in an old-fashion way, and he manages his billing manually. So I have to write down everything word by word. Despite the slow process and long queues, clients are always patient and willing to wait. After almost a month helping my father, I started familiarizing myself with employees and clients. Thus, I got comfortable with their names and faces. I realized that not only the old customers were returning but also new customers were flocking into the workshops on a daily basis. This is the reason behind my father’s business success. It expanded bit by bit even during the economic downturn that hit Indonesia several years ago.
The days passed by pretty fast as I was busy helping my father in his famous workshop. Each and every day, I did the same task at the same spot over and over. As I was taking a five minutes break, I realized that the workshop needed some change. My father could not operate his business in this old fashioned way. May be his operational style would work for a moment but I doubted if it would survive in the future. This is because customers will eventually get tired of waiting and seek for another automotive workshop that is less crowded and faster than his.
However, I realized I was the one who could initiate this change. I will initiate this change to improve the business by introducing my father to the latest technology. Besides, with the skills and knowledge I have, I can make my fathers business even better again. What I need now is the right place to sharpen my IT knowledge and skills. Thus, I strongly believe that USC is the right place that will satisfy my quest for knowledge.
Ever since I joined college, it has been my desire to join the University of Southern California. People keep on asking me why I prefer USC to UCLA for instance, and it has been difficult providing a straight answer to such questions. To me, my wish is to transfer to USC and earn a degree from one of the best private universities in Los Angeles. This is because I believe that USC Marshall School of Business has the best educational program for me that will be extremely beneficial for my future. I know that USC has numerous opportunities for learning a variety of important things that will benefit me in the future. Los Angeles residents are amazing, and I love their culture as outgoing people, and this also explains my strong desire to join USC. Interestingly, I want to prove my critics wrong especially family and relatives who have always doubted my dream. I want to show them my capability by joining the best university in Los Angeles that will also enable me to improve my father’s business. At USC School of business, one gets to learn how to run a whole range of businesses, from small to multinational business entities and trains people how to become entrepreneurs. I see myself coming out of the institution with the right knowledge to transform the face of my father’s business.
I hope that, with this letter, you will reconsider my application since I promise to keep to your standards of education and abide by the university rules and regulations concerning student conduct. Besides, I have fulfilled all the requirements since I took all the general education programs that your institution requires especially the important mathematics and English classes for accessing my general skills. I also have a good GPA record throughout the semester and such requirements give me strong hope that my position will be considered at the institution. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,
Irene Arifianty Read More
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Appeal Letter Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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