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Letter of appeal - Essay Example

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Based on the University’s policies and provisions in comparison with my academic results I am not astounded but greatly disturbed by what has befallen me and I would wish to implore you to…
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Letter of appeal
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Download file to see previous pages My parents (whom I stay with) were involved in constant feuds that eventually led to a divorce. This did not only affect me psychologically but also took almost all my study time as I tried to take care of my younger siblings who could not barely cope up with what was happening. We had to move out of our house and settle at our grandmother’s place to avoid the raging parents for some time. At first, I thought I could handle my studies while at the same time taking care of the situation back at home but I was wrong as my study time was greatly consumed. I must acknowledge that I did not use the right channels to communicate with my lecturers about what affected me, a mistake I highly regret. I also had an option to call off the semester but, again I did not pursue that.
The situation at home now is calm and it no longer affects me. I have great affection for this university and would like to be given a chance to attain my degree, which would make me be the first student in my area to be awarded a degree in my. I have developed a close relationship with my counsellor to assist me deal with stressful situations and open up and communicate with people who can offer assistance to me like my lecturers rather than keeping quiet. Fortunately, my parents have re-united and a peaceful environment has been created at home where my studies will not be interrupted anymore.
Once again I want to assure you that it was just an appalling session for me; I am not an academically poor student. The low GPA does not represent exactly who I am and given another chance I will prove that the grades I attained were odd to my standard. I am optimistic you will grant me another chance. I appreciate the chance for this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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