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Today we had an interesting activity in class. Along with my 21 classmates I participated in a very unique kind of exercise which didn't just help me learn a lot about my fellow classmates, it also helped me learn about myself. The whole point of the exercise was to work as a group to find a solution to a single problem…
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Learning Game
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Today we had an interesting activity in Along with my 21 mates I participated in a very unique kind of exercise which didn't just help me learn a lot about my fellow classmates, it also helped me learn about myself. The whole point of the exercise was to work as a group to find a solution to a single problem. We had to become a team and then work out what the best and fastest way of coming to a conclusion.
We started out by standing in a circular line; our problem was simple but the solution was a little complicated i.e. we had to pass a tennis ball from one person to another in the shortest amount of time possible. At first all we did was throw the tennis ball to one another and we spent around thirty minutes doing so. It seemed like a simple enough idea but it didn't merit any innovation on our part. We all wanted to do better and beat our own record. Also it did take awfully long to just get the ball from one person to another and we ended up spending too much time on that.
The second time we played the game we all managed to pass the ball between us in only half our previous time and that was 15 minutes. We did this by standing in a new kind of circle, a much smaller one, where all of us were standing much closer to each other than before. We had achieved our goal twice and actually managed to cut down our time by a significant amount in our second try. Unfortunately, we could not carry on our winning streak to our third try because at that point a conflict arose which disrupted everything.
When we started thinking about taking a third shot at our little project I had a great idea. I had been thinking of ways in which I could cut down the time even further by exchanging the ball even more quickly. While I was thinking about it I came up with a great solution and all of my classmates even liked my idea. Everyone was willing to give it a try and see if it works out or not; everyone except one person.
This was where things started to get a little out of hand. Our third try consisted of some of some of us shouting encouragements to that student to make agree with the idea so that we could play the game. And then there were those who were screaming at him and trying to harass him into giving up his issues and play the game. Things got very loud and very noisy and almost everyone was shouting about something or the other. It was a very chaotic situation and we could all sense a growing tension and conflict in the room. However, no matter what we did the student refused to agree, and just couldn't see things from anyone else's point of view but his own.
The class then gave up on trying my idea and one of the other students tried coming up with a new idea that could satisfy all the students. However, before that could happen our time was up and we had to stop playing the game. In the end we failed as a group because we could not resolve the conflict within it. No matter what we did, we could not convince him otherwise. He was deadest against my idea so instead of actually solving the problem we ended up failing in our mission entirely. It was because of just one people that 21 others failed at a task. Just a single person can bring down an entire idea and destroy it. Read More
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