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Computer Game Improves the Motivation of Learning Mathematics - Research Paper Example

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 This paper "Computer Game Improves the Motivation of Learning Mathematics " carries out an analysis of four articles on computer games, and reviews the literature that supports the hypothesis that computer gaming improves the motivation of learning mathematics in elementary schools…
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Computer Game Improves the Motivation of Learning Mathematics
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Extract of sample "Computer Game Improves the Motivation of Learning Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages According to Azevedo, mathematics or math games are fun activities.
They usually encourage motivation, call for deep thinking, require both chance and skills, and provide multiple approaches to problem-solving. These games implement certain mathematical strategies and skills by leveraging the natural inclination of the student to play. The games can either be played by an individual, a small or large group; it can be cooperative and/or competitive. Mathematical games have been proved to have some rewarding impacts to students. Azevedo argues that games are usually part of after-school activities. Math games can provide the students with suitable contexts for developing both socially and mathematically.
In addition, Shin, Sutherland, Norris & Soloway affirm that students can explore and discuss new strategies with their peers and use these strategies to solve and calculate mathematical problems. Furthermore, math games allow the students to participate at a level of their choice and build on their knowledge and understanding. There exists limited empirical literature that supports the hypothesis with most of those advocating for the technique being the game developers and investors, which makes the supporting results relatively biased.
There have been many studies showing how computer games find their place at the elementary school class and students. In order to support the hypothesis that computer games improve motivation in learning mathematics in elementary school, four studies from different sources are considered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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