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Support an Issue - Assignment Example

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Effect of technology on K-12 education system Name Institutions Course Date Abstract As we explore more on technology in K-12 system of education in the United States of America, We should put into consideration the effects of this technology on the students as well as their lecturers…
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Support an Issue
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, I will also demonstrate how technology eases learning processes in the classrooms. There is need for technology to be integrated the K-12 education system to facilitate a higher order capacity of thinking such as both critical and independent thoughts and the improved level of motivation in learning. This paper summarizes the intensive contribution of technology in the sector of education amongst schools in the United States of America. Introduction Over the last two decades, the education sector has experienced quick advancements in technology. Looking back 30 years ago, application of computers in the classroom was not a common phenomenon let alone in homes. A student harboring a thought of using common text editors like word processor was the weirdest thing ever in recent times. Today, students have been in cooperated into the digital world making the education system to be interesting and informative (Goldin, & Katz, 2008). According to sources, digital world is the contemporary world whereby people employ technology in day to day activities to achieve set objectives. In banking industry for instance, computer program application has been employed to facilitate transactions, processing of cheques and general management of braches through the distributed system platform. Consequently, learning institutions have realized that technology contributes highly on academic success and it also eases delivery of academic knowledge to students. Technology is beneficial in schools since it serves the need of disabled learners, remote areas and also facilitates e-learning curriculum (Goldin, & Katz, 2008). Computers have stimulated activities In learning by assisting the students to develop high thinking capacity. Historically, technological deployment has been linked correlated between inventions and communication with the advancement in the K-12 system of education. E -learning at all level of education is rated among the latest technological advancement in contemporary world with benefit both teachers and learners. Recent applications in the education system a growing populace of learners through the internet have posed to be quite a challenge to teachers because they have to adapt to the ever changing technology. Computers have an in cooperated unique ability to enable class multimedia presentation and also enhance instructor-student communication through online instruction format. Scholars show optimism that the rapid advancement in technology will enhance quality education delivery in years to come ((Goldin, & Katz, 2008).). Positive effect on academic excellence Academic success is traditionally measured in terms of achieving good grades among students in learning institutions. Since the bill of “No child left behind” enactment in The United States of America, teachers have a moral obligation of ensuring that student from all walks of lives excel in their academic work. Technology plays a fundamental role in enabling success and facilitating learning. According to researchers conducted recently, computer simulation and Instructional Leaning systems (ILS) facilitate issuing of instruction by educators to students (Goldin, & Katz, 2008). A recent by Stamford IT research center reported that learners whose educators employ technology attain higher grades as compared to those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Support an Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Support an Issue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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