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ICT Effect on Teaching - Term Paper Example

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The present paper "ICT Effect on Teaching" concerns the impact of ICT on the process of education. It is stated that the contemporary world has made it essential for every individual to have knowledge of ICT in order to compete favorably in various undertakings…
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ICT Effect on Teaching
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Extract of sample "ICT Effect on Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an umbrella name that covers a range of applications and devices used for collection, analyzing, storage, retrieval, processing and transmission of information for instance radio, computer hardware and software, television, satellite systems, video conferencing software, and cell phones. These applications and devices have played a big role in how various sectors perform their functions due to their ability to improve communication, assessment of objects while reducing the time taken to achieve desired results. The modern ICT usage has been a driving force in the creation of a global village, which refers to the current situation where people communicate with each other across the world in real time.
The importance of ICT usage in the contemporary world lies less in the technology itself than in its potential to facilitate higher levels of access to information and communication in areas that record low usage of the different technological applications and devices. As a consequence of the focus on access to technology, different countries have put in place special organizations.
This basis for concern by relevant authorities that if not less technologically innovative areas are supported with necessary infrastructure to catch up, the continued technological advances experienced in the industrialized countries will only serve to worsen the existing situation where the economic gap between those with an ability to use technology and who do not have been rising. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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