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Science Fair Project & Evaluating the Effectiveness of Diverse Learning Environments Assignment - Personal Statement Example

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Science Fair Project Name Professor Institution Course Date Science Fair Project After managing to conduct the three lessons activities in my class, I was able figure out several issues related all the children who participated in the project. One of the positive observations I made is that all children were eager to understand and pronounce various terms correctly…
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Science Fair Project & Evaluating the Effectiveness of Diverse Learning Environments Assignment
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Extract of sample "Science Fair Project & Evaluating the Effectiveness of Diverse Learning Environments Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages I realized that through writing down, the vocabularies would stick on the students’ mind and they could manage to pronounce them correctly later. Writing down also offered the students a chance to practice and memorize while on their own. Most of the students who had difficulties in pronunciation as I figured out were non-English Speakers. Another issue that I managed to figure out is that students had a positive response related to their ability of pronouncing the terms when learning in groups. On this activity, the students would come up with several words in their group that they were unable to pronounce correctly. My main role was just to help them pronounce the vocabularies correctly and then allow them to practice on their own. Through independence practice, I observed that students were able to pronounce the vocabularies correctly in a faster way. I also managed to observe that students, who were not able to pronounce the vocabularies together with others, could understand quickly and respond effectively through direct instruction. On direct instructions, I could manage to teach the students either individually or as a group and emphasis on the problematic terms. I observed that on these particular children, repetition and drill work posed as the best method to help them understand quickly. Another observation I managed to make is that by giving the students oral and theory exams they were able to assess themselves of what they understood and which questions they need to ask. Oral tests, where each student could pronounce various vocabularies managed to give me an opportunity of identifying whether the student was making any progress or not. I also observed that testing the students contributed in enhancing a strong relationship with them because of the interaction I managed to make when correcting them. I also observed that it was easy to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses through giving them a test. This assisted me in identifying the next strategy I should employ in order to help the students develop more skills. In order to improve on this particular activity, there are certain changes that I would like to make. One of the changes is questioning of the students during lecture. I managed to observe that some students feel embarrassed when they are not able to answer a particular question correctly. On this case, I realized that it is not advisable to correct an English Speaking Student mistake especially in front of other students. The best way to deal with this issue is to correct the students’ individual later after the lesson. However, in some situations I may correct the students in case the content of their information is unclear during their pronunciation. For example, in a situation where a student may say, I am here for one year. This information is unclear because the student may mean I have been here for one year. In another angle, the student may mean I will stay here for one more year. The other change I would like to make in order to improve on this activity is increase the material to use for experiment. I noticed that some students understand well while writing down rather than oral teaching alone. This call for more materials like text books, exercise books and pencils. This will help in assessing the students’ ability on understanding pronunciation of words by dictating to them while they write ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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