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A Recent Sporting Event - Essay Example

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Soccer is played between two 11-player teams. The players try to get points by kicking the ball, passing, shooting, heading, all by using their body except hands.I am not quite sure why I am good at soccer. Do not worry, here come the tips that I witnessed. …
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A Recent Sporting Event
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Download file to see previous pages He was a talented soccer player but he had to stop playing after an unfortunate event that brought him serious knee injury. He was very depressed because of the fact that he could not play the sport that he most cherished. But, he wanted me to achieve the goal that he could not attain himself. That was how I got involved in soccer, and became a good player eventually. I, however, guarantee you that when you go to the field to play soccer, it is not going to be that simple as you imagine. Therefore, I have decided to share some tips with you so as to train you to play better soccer. In this paper, I would like to share my experience watching College Man’s soccer game last month. I would focus on the tips and tricks that the players used in the field; and so, this paper will serve as a guide to new soccer players. Readers! Do not worry, here come the tips that I witnessed. The first thing that I remember is that the teams had worn appropriate form of clothing to play soccer. Have you ever gone to a dance party with your night suit on? Or, have you ever seen the bride wearing a lousy T-shirt and a pajama? Most probably, you have not (or have you?) Similarly, to play soccer, you must have proper clothes and safety gear. I could see the players wearing clothes that the wind could easily go through, because they were sweating like pigs when they were on the field. They were also wearing soccer shoes not only to prevent them from slipping on the grass field, but also to help them kick the ball more powerfully and accurately. This gear assisted them to improve their athletic ability. None of the players was wearing glasses, as these were not the recommended gear because the players could get hurt if the ball hit their faces. It could give a player a serious wound, like the one I received last weekend. Oh! It still hurts. I wish I had never thought of the idea of having those glasses on! It can happen to anybody; so, players should be aware of this beforehand. Remember that you play sports to have fun, and not to get hurt. The players were ready for walking onto the soccer field with their gear; but before that, they practiced how to kick the ball correctly. You would think that the foot you are going to kick with is considered important, but the opposite is true actually. I mean that the players first located the opposite foot on the appropriate place, and that place was just behind the ball. They knew that if they put their foot ahead of the ball, they would miss the ball when they kicked. After placing their supporting foot in the right place, they would finally kick the ball with the other foot. Therefore, it was necessary to put their supporting foot in the right position. I noticed that the distance between the foot and the ball varied person to person, because everyone has legs with different length from the others. Moreover, to lift the ball off the ground, they would make contact with the ball near to the ground while leaning back. I must tell you that the players did a lot of practice to be more accurate in kicking the ball and kicking it hard. When the game started, I saw, in the field, four different soccer roles, which included forwards, defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers. Team 1 was a better defender, I could see. Their efficient defense limited the scoring of the opponent team. Many people are left confused about the role of defenders. They thought that the defenders’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Recent Sporting Event Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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