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Information and Communications Technology in Children Development - Essay Example

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An author of the following essay seeks to evaluate how the use of information and communication technology helps key stage 2 children.  Therefore, the writer of the essay attempts to determine the limitations and barriers to use information system in education. …
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Information and Communications Technology in Children Development
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Extract of sample "Information and Communications Technology in Children Development"

Download file to see previous pages A computer has always been a tool with great problem-solving potential. Regardless of how computers are used, people find an increased need to share information with others. This desire for information sharing involves the communication of electronic messages over a long distance and shaped the world into an information society.
According to several historians, the Information Revolution is the third revolution in the history of the world after agricultural and industrial revolutions. The information age is the time, which brought fundamental changes in intellectual, social, philosophical and cultural aspects of the world.
Some historians opined that actually information revolution was the first revolution ever occurred and the agricultural and industrial revolutions were caused due to the information revolution. To prove their claim they said that when civilization started, travelers and traders traveled from one place to another, as they have access to many cultures and traditions, they shared information and this information was actually the beginning of civilization as well as led the humanity towards the agricultural and industrial revolutions.
Today information is the largest export of most News services, banks, insurance companies, television stations etc. these all organizations collect data, process it into information, distribute it, and store it as a major part of their business.
As the world is an information society now, Information and Communication technology also become an active part of education and electronic classroom has evolved. Computers are found in grade schools, high schools, and colleges, as computer literacy becomes a graduation requirement. According to an official report, 98% of the schools of the United Kingdom alone are connected to the Internet (Rao, Mehta and Crishna, 1999).
1.2 Statement of the Problem
This study will discuss the importance and benefits of Information and Communication Technology in the learning of Key Stage 2 children. It also attempts to determine the limitations and barriers to use information system in education.
1.3 Significance of the Study
The importance of Information and Communication Technology in education has been thoroughly studied and explored in different researches and studies. However, the significance of this study lies in the researcher's aim to study the benefits of ICT in the learning of Key Stage 2 children. The intention is to look at the use of Information and Communication Technology in the learning of Key Stage 2 children.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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