Management Internship Application to MGM Mirage - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In this essay, the writer seeks to provide the rationale for applying for an internship at the MGM Mirage hotel company. The writer claims that this ability would gain a firmer grasp on the industry and really make one's mark for the good of the company…
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Management Internship Application to MGM Mirage
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Personal Essay As a recent graduate, I am very interested in acquiring placement within the MGM Mirage company because the program is in keeping with my degree and my own personal career goals. This May I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and I hope that my degree can be put to use as the foundation of a more complete education with the help of the Management Association Program.
My primary focus during university was hotel management and related studies, and this was because I wish to pursue a career within the same field. Clearly there are many different types of hotels and different ways in which to manage; since I am most impressed with the MGM Mirage hotel chain and its related businesses I would love the opportunity to learn the management style of MGM leaders and hopefully work alongside with them, eventually becoming an integral part of the company myself.
One of the most impressive things about MGM Mirage is its ability to simultaneously run a successful hotel and resort chain and casinos as well. I think this was a bold move on the part of the company's leaders and the fact that it is such a thriving business on all fronts is extremely impressive. Not only this, but the company has pledged itself to the best in customer service, quality entertainment and cultural diversity within the staff and amongst its customers. MGM Mirage has made a name for itself as one of the highest quality hotels, resorts and casinos that anyone could hope to frequent. This must be due not only to a spectacularly skilled management team but also the marketing team and a basic staff committed to the company. All of these are traits that any business should strive to create, however not all are nearly so successful. I have been educated locally and I have to say that the enormous effect MGM Mirage has had on Las Vegas is a tremendous credit to the company. In a very perceptible way, MGM Mirage has had a direct hand in the branding of Las Vegas itself.
I would particularly like to gain an insight into the management schemes of MGM Mirage hotels because this is where I am most interested in sharing and developing my abilities within the company. I feel that I have learned the fundamental hotel management basics and if I were admitted to the Management Association Program I could gain a firmer grasp on the industry and really make my mark for the good of the company.
I realize that in such a successful business it is impractical to expect that I will make a name for myself on the basis of implementing new and innovative management schemes since those currently in place are so effective; I do wish, however, to learn from this highly successful management team and follow in their footsteps. MGM Mirage has already succeeded in establishing itself as one of the corner-posts of Las Vegas, both for tourists and residents, and the future of the company rests on the ability of current staff to train the generation to be innovative, industry savvy and primarily concerned for the welfare of the company. I would love to be a part of that future team! Read More
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