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The author of the paper states that as an Economics student who expects to graduate, he has experience as an executive assistant when he worked for Uncle’s Real Estate Investment Company in 2014 and where he conducted administrative duties and contributed to financial analysis discussions…
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The World Bank Internship Program
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Extract of sample "The World Bank Internship Program"

Human Resources Operations World Bank Washington DC, U.S.A To Whom It May Concern, As an Economics of the _________ who expects to graduatein ________, I have experience as an executive assistant when I worked for my Uncle’s Real Estate Investment Company in 2014 and where I conducted administrative duties and contributed to financial analysis discussions. I am writing to apply for your 2015 Summer (June-September) Internship Program which I found on you World Bank website. I have a passion for helping others and I am looking for professional coaching and hands-on training. The World Bank Internship program offers its interns the opportunity to improve their skills, while working in a diverse environment. I am interested in your program’s hands-on learning experience that will help me learn how to excel in a diverse workplace environment.
My strong knowledge of economics and accountancy, experience in applying quantitative and problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills make me the perfect candidate for this position. I have strong knowledge of economics and accountancy that I have learned in pursuing my major. In addition, I also have experience in quantitative and problem-solving skills. While working for my Uncle’s company, I contributed my financial analysis ideas to their meetings and performed administrative duties. Moreover, I have strong interpersonal skills. I have participated in multicultural events and teams. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in working for The World Bank because you are an international institution that aims to end world poverty and promote shared prosperity. I am excited to contribute to this noble endeavor using my knowledge and skills in accounting, economics, and marketing. I believe that I have strong analytical, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills that are essential to being a successful intern.
I am keen to meet with you or to have a phone interview to continue discussing my fit for your internship program. I am interested in learning more about your economics and accounting services. You can reach me by phone at ________ and by e-mail at _____. I will call your office next Monday to see if a mutually convenient time can be arranged. Thank you for your time and deliberation of my application.


Contact number
Enclosure: Resume
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I have specific traits, interests, experience, and education that make me a perfect fit for the World Bank’s 2015 Summer Internship Program.
I have perseverance and patience as my traits. They are important to analyzing and preparing financial documents.
I have strong interpersonal skills. I have participated in multicultural events/teams.
I am interested in the World Bank’s mission of promoting world prosperity.
I have educational background on economics and accountancy.
I have experience in applying quantitative and problem-solving skills. While working for my Uncle’s company, I contributed my financial analysis ideas to their meetings. Read More
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