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In the paper “The Manner in Which Different Things Work” the author describes how he developed and grew his interest in sciences, especially physics, as he progressed through different levels of education. The author continually appreciates the challenges associated with using scientific principles…
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The Manner in Which Different Things Work
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The Manner in Which Different Things Work
The whole of my childhood, I have been interested in understanding the manner in which different things work, and science has always remained my preferred subject. I have continued to develop and grow my interest in sciences, especially physics, as I progress through different levels of education. I continually appreciate the challenges associated with using scientific and mathematical principles when dealing with day-to-day problems.
I have exceptional skills in as far as computer designing tools are concerned while having a special interest in computer simulation software like autodesk among others. This is the main motivation towards my pursuing an independent study next semester that will be aimed at comparing software in terms of their performance and accuracy. I have always been a top student in school and regardless of the fact that I was not sure of what I wanted to do when I go to college, I got a certain degree of insight into my future career when I did a six-month internship as a mechanical engineer.
I have worked at several places in different capacities particularly as an intern and the experiences that I got from these interships have assisted me to learn how to work with and associate with other people in the work place. I originally come from China and when my colleague decide to go back there after getting basic education, I prefer to remain in the United States so that I can pursue a degree in engineering, which has developed to become my passion.
I am particularly convinced that a good connection between engineers and the business community is important in order to boost efficiency and effectiveness in various industries and the economy at large. My studies in different fields, including sciences and mathematics, have been vital in my understanding of a number of scientific ideologies that inform production and management mechanisms.
Physics has enabled me to comprehend how things behave and the manner in which these properties may be utilized in dealing with real-world and hypothetical situations. On the other hand, the study of biology has assisted me to develop an appreciation of the part played by engineers in making sure there is equilibrium between the industries and the natural environment.
I specifically enjoy and take interest in environmental modules, as I find it interesting to learn about various species and organisms as well as their adaptation to their environment. On the other hand, mathematics has given me a chance for the application of familiar principles to various situations that may be unknown; therefore, I enjoy the challenges involved with solving mathematical problems while at the same time finding the discipline to be exciting and challenging.
So far, the experiences I have had in engineering have posed a challenge while at the same time being highly rewarding, and since I have always had a passion for understanding how things work, I find this very satisfying. I believe that a chance to pursue an advanced degree in the field of engineering or applied sciences at Columbia University will allow me to fulfil the aspirations that I have always cherished since I was a child. I also believe that my hard work and determination in academia and other realms will be of great assistance to me in terms of pursuing this educational fete that has always appealed to me. Read More
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