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Big Cities Offer More Opportunities - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of this paper tells that life in Middletown is quite slow for an ambitious individual like him. In addition, there are limited opportunities for growth as there are few recognizable institutions that can offer the author a career boost if he secured internships with them…
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Big Cities Offer More Opportunities
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Extract of sample "Big Cities Offer More Opportunities"

Admission Essay Admission Essay Although Middletown is overall a nice place, I believe that my professional career and future success would hugely benefit from moving to a bigger city. At this stage of my career, I should be seeking internship opportunities that would open new doors that, in turn, would provide the firmest foundation on which I can build my professional career. Life in Middletown is quite slow for an ambitious individual like me. In addition, there are limited opportunities for growth as there are few recognizable institutions that can offer me a career boost if I secured internships with them. My reasons for desiring to transfer are based solely on my professional growth, but there are other issues as well. Since I intend to forge a career in business – especially big business – logic would dictate that I lay the foundation as early as possible. Even if I stayed in Middletown and worked as hard as I could, there are few career-launching opportunities here.
Being a social person, I have interacted with other students of my age who have already landed internships in reputable companies in big cities, and their careers look promising (as compared to mine). I do not want to be left behind when others are progressing, so that by the time I have my “big break” to move to a big city, my peers’ achievements would be intimidating to me. Business, which is the area I believe my future lies, is highly competitive, especially now. One misstep or wrong turn could leave me miles behind other equally dynamic and ambitious individuals. I believe that staying in Middletown would have a negative effect on my career prospects and my development as a well-rounded individual with sound, soft and technical skills. At this stage, I should be building a network of professional contacts that will serve me well as I pursue growth; Middletown does not support this.
I am highly flexible and adaptable individual. Having lived and studied in different environments, I have learned to assess different people and situations and to fit in quickly. This is a trait that will serve me well in business. I am also mentally strong, meaning I can weather the toughest storms for a just cause, and business is one of those causes I am willing to pursue to the best of my ability. During my time in Middletown, I have constructed a good social network that helps me stay abreast of developments, and I trust that this will benefit me in the business world. For me, business cannot thrive without stable social and professional networks, and since I am good at networking, I can use this to fashion opportunities at an early age.
Besides my excellent social and interpersonal skills, I excel academically. I understand that networks alone cannot guarantee success in business and, therefore, I have put in the hours to achieve good grades in all my courses. I have taken various courses, stretching from Statistics to Behavioral Management while working to learn a third language, Spanish. These efforts not only sharpen my understanding of business principles but also open my eyes to the vast world of global business and financial management.
My experience in Texas ingrained in me the importance of experience beyond the classroom. While interning there, I met successful people from different backgrounds and refined my soft skills. The experience taught me the importance of networks, commitment, and trust, three aspects that form the spine successful careers in business.
In summary, big cities offer more opportunities (professional and otherwise) than Middletown. I am not comfortable letting opportunities pass me by and, more importantly, I am not willing to see others progress while my career stagnates in a virtually remote town. With a strong background in academics and athletics, I am confident that I will have a promising career; but not in Middletown. Read More
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Big Cities Offer More Opportunities Admission/Application Essay - 10.
“Big Cities Offer More Opportunities Admission/Application Essay - 10”, n.d.
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