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Impact of the human activities on the sustainability of cities - Essay Example

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Stabilization of cities thus can be defined as the process through which human beings strive towards ensuring that cities have the facilities that make live in…
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Impact of the human activities on the sustainability of cities
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Download file to see previous pages This urbanization then results to increasing numbers of people in these particular areas and hence continued and sustainable growth of the towns. This growth or even the sprouting of the new towns can be attributed to the fact that the new populations are always scrambling for the limited facilities. Therefore, the investors on pointing the new market niches ventures to the cities and hence the whole process of urbanization continues. In this essay, we will seek to explore the activities these people carry-out and their effects in these areas before and after inhabiting the cities. Shenzhen city in China will be used as a case study.
Human activities in urban areas can be categorized into two main categories: positive and the negative activities. On the positive side, we will seek to elaborate those activities enhance not only the areas that this entire process of urbanization takes place but also the human beings themselves and the entire ecosystem. We will also highlight the merits this process brings about in the long run (Myron, 2001). On the other hand, in the negative side, we will seek to explain the human effects that the urbanization process has brought about to the ecosystem and the possible results of this process to human life and the entire ecosystem.
Effects of human activities in cities are of great concern to everyone who has interests on the sprawling of cities. Investment is one of the major human activities in the process. We are living in a business world whereby everyone aspires to maximize their returns on every single cent they invest in any venture. It is, therefore, true to say that investors deserve the biggest part of the credit for urbanization.
Well, how do investors contribute to this? First and foremost it is important to know that the main reason people move from rural areas to urban centers in their endeavor to secure employment and hence better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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