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Sustainability - Essay Example

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Sustainability 1 Business sustainability helps business to be resilient and adapt to change therefore sustainable firms are prepared for the future since they create long-term financial value and understand how actions influence natural environment thus the need to minimize the impacts…
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Extract of sample "Sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages Sustainability is the agenda of leading companies and it has gained recognition as a driver for strategic product as well as business innovation (Deloitte n.d, p.1). A business that considers the change as an opportunity and come up with innovative products as well as business models to thrive in a sustainable way have high likelihood of reaping advantage, be relevant to consumers, capture market share and operate efficiently in a quick transforming world. Firms face increased expectations from investors and consumers regarding their way of operations; therefore, companies are keen to be considered as accountable corporate citizens. It is expected in the future that consumers will place strong emphasis on convenience, price and quality in making decisions regarding their shopping. In the increasingly transparent world with high number of consumers digitally empowered since information on brands and products is regularly found on and discussed in blogs, forums and in social media sites. Companies that never respond to the development increase their likelihood of being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons since brands and businesses have little control over the internet (Berns et al 2009, pp.20-26). Business proactivity, involvement and the changing consumer attitudes to sustainability increase demand for products and services responsibly produced. Therefore, the organization has to respond to the changing patterns this can be achieved through integrating sustainability within the company’s supply chain and development products that enable consumers to buy ethically. Companies neglecting to embrace the changes face the risk of their products being less relevant to the sentiment of consumers and expensive. Social media platforms like twitter and facebook ensure corporate transparency; therefore, companies have increased pressure to meet the sophisticated corporate transparency and accountability standards. In the current’s information society, corporate offences can no longer be ignored and bad behaviour has permanent reputational as well as financial repercussions for corporations. Young people are increasingly aware of the impact they have through their buying choices thus, they buy from companies that stand for more than profit (Deloitte n.d, pp.3&4). Sustainability has been one of the business’s urgent mandates thus stakeholder management perspective is essential since it requires managers to establish various groups or individuals with stakes in the firm as well as incorporating stakeholders concerns into the firm’s day-to-day operations and strategic plans. Sustainability mandate has attracted the attention of leaders in business since it is the goal of business ethics. With the challenge of globalization, considerable interest is directed toward development of ways for addressing the different impacts of companies in society (Crane, Dirk and Andrew 2007, p.254-263). Most of the impacts are far-reaching such as the environmental pollution resulting from transportation, production and use of products like refrigerators and cars. Whenever in society a corporation has to engage in the debate concerning its social role in order to ensure that it becomes a major contributor of sustainability instead of being a social and environmental predator that undermines the world. Therefore, the company has a huge opportunity of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1)
Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
“Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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The promotion of sustainability through schools and other educational sites can be characterized as rather satisfactory; however, additional efforts should be made in order to increase the interest of learners on environment-related issues. The role of teachers in the success of this effort will be decisive. In accordance with the study of Olson's (2007, online article) ‘research shows that teachers matter more to student learning than any other school-related factor; yet the effectiveness of individual teachers varies widely’. In other words, teachers and school administrators are expected to have a central role in the promotion of sustainability in education – including its higher levels. On the other hand, res...
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...their sense to sacrifice their pleasures in order to maintain environmental sustainability. In reference to Nash (1967), this perspective shows that the people are different from animals and plants and they were placed on earth to regulate and bring order to the earth. From this perspective, the elderly respondents believe that reducing consumption of manufactured items can reduce the adverse effects that the industries have on the environment. The elderly have shown their interests in making a garden where they can plant vegetables and reduce on the consumption of manufactured products. On the contrary, the young respondents did not show much concern in making a garden but still portrayed continued consumption of...
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Sweden is a country in Europe that has adopted very stringent measures to ensure environmental sustainability. Its environmental policy is a long-term strategy that is focused on ensuring that the next generation will have the fruits of good environmental measures. It is the sole responsibi...
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The sustainability barriers, best practices, drivers and issues are identified and discussed with the aim of developing a suitable sustainability plan for the new venture for the next 40 years i.e. 2050. The automobile sector is chosen because this sector is a highly dynamic sector which has a high sustainability requirement. Also, sustainability in this industry is given much importance especially because of the high negative impacts that the automobile companies have had on the environmental aspects. Also, the global automobile industry is a huge and complex industry that is affected by many social, economic, political, technological and environmental factors. Thus, this project is aimed at identifying the drivers, opportunities...
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Theories and studies have developed this concept by focusing specifically on environmental issues. These environmental issues will address the human, social and economic conditions because they are integral to sustainability. In addition, these environmental issues will affect directly the operations and practices of business stakeholders. It is obvious many critics will argue that sustainability is not the role of business. However, a business will fail if its operators will ignore changing consumer preferences and they stick to the past and traditional concept of business. In fact, a study by Sadowski concluded that sustainability in business would be a competitive advantage to the business (Sadowski, 2014).

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Sustainability Lead Marketing alleviating pertinent local needs (Hickson, 2014, 100-105). Perhaps the greatest responsibility of an enterprise lies in the care and protection accorded to the environment. Sustainability concerns three fundamental aspects. The first issue involves the effect of the firms activities on the physical environment (Richardson, 2015, 25). The enterprise has to foster the prudent use of natural resources. This implies that the organization should seek ways of pursuing the least exhaustive use of natural resources. A second aspect involves ensuring the best use of economic resources. Wasteful practices are continually refined and reinvented so as to avoid eroding earlier profits and resources. The final issue of...
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