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Motivation behind Behavior - Essay Example

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In the paper “Reflective Final Essay” the writer describes key debates in sustainability, and his sustainability plans as a leader at UCLA and after graduation. He states that social factors most influential in sustainability is the culture of the people and investment in education…
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Motivation behind Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The topics of the course were very diverse. They ranged from an overview of sustainability aspects including engineering perspectives, health, corporate and consumer responsibility to planning, designing, and measuring sustainability. They offered broad knowledge and adequate case studies such as Offshore Wind Farm negotiation that were practical and taught me how to plan and execute negotiations with stakeholders for a sustainable environment (Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005; “PON at Harvard Law School – Offshore Wind Farm Negotiation,” 2008). Moreover, they also enabled me to understand how to perform an analysis of a project impact.
Leadership lessons taught me how to motivate others, identify developing conflicts, and solve them. The Strength Deployment Model taught me to identify positive things from people’s behavior, learn the motivation behind their behavior, and use appropriate language to motivate them towards a sustainable environment (SDI, 2015). Concepts in this lesson helped me understand myself and my roles as a leader in sustainability. It taught me the value of being aware of happenings in the society or the importance of an aspect such as the climatic change to society. Some of the main aims of leadership include actively solving the issue of how to organize the collective effort for optimal outcomes. It also taught me that working with people is challenging and I now know the challenges to expect and what to do to create a motivating environment for everyone to accomplish sustainability measures in society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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