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Summative assessment is through: a written assignment where students will be asked to demonstrate and critically evaluate an asp - Essay Example

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Leadership and Management in Different Inter-professional Environments Working in a Kindergarten [Instructor Name] Leadership and Management in Different Inter-professional Environments Working in a Kindergarten Introduction: In this summative assessment, I have demonstrated and critically evaluated a conflict situation in terms of leadership and management theories, which apply in a multi-professional setting…
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Summative assessment is through: a written assignment where students will be asked to demonstrate and critically evaluate an asp
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Download file to see previous pages Initially, I was appointed as a practitioner where my main role was to cover facilities of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), which are communication and language, personal, social and emotional development, expressive arts and design, mathematics, literacy, understanding of the world and physical development. After six, months, I became the team leader of the preschool room. As a room leader my duties and responsibilities were to be sure that implementation of the curriculum are in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). I am responsible for organizing and developing the nursery learning environment and resources in order to facilitate the learning process with special responsibility for coordinating one or more of the following principles or associated aspects relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage across the whole of the nursery (McKimm & Phillips, 2009). Worplace Profile: The workplace I am working in is a small kindergarten set-up comprising a nursery and a pre-school set-up. The nursery setting is very simple. Each one of us is working in different rooms, having 3 members of staff including the room leader. Each staff has a different shift but every day 2 members have to wait for the parents, taking care of not more than 4 children at the time. After 6:10 pm, the children who are left in the nursery from each room are moved in the pre-school room where they wait for their parents. Conflict: It was required that the teachers accompany their students while they wait for their parents to pick them up from school. The problem arose when there was only one member and she could not stay alone with 8 children (0-4 years old). It was difficult for one member of staff to stay alone with these children by doing handovers also. Unexpectedly, another member of staff whose shift was early (5.00 pm) stayed in order to help her colleague. The next day the member of staff whose shift was closed spoke to the manager about the issue and the manager was angry when asking about the situation. The conflict arose when the staff member said that there were 8 children under her when two staff members were required to take care of not more than 4 children. Key issues: In this conflict, we find that one staff member was absent during the shift and showed a very negligent attitude towards the children and did not take her responsibility seriously as expected from her. Also, she did not inform the manager that she was taking the day off and that there would be only one member to take care of so many children when they get shifted to the preschool room. This was due to the communication gap between the staff member and the manager. The manager has a coercive nature that compelled the staff members to keep a distance from her. It is the coercive style of leadership in which a manager does not give value to opinions of subordinates and is taking charge of the whole situation. The manager is not providing solutions to the staff instead dictating and delegating the issues to other staff members to solve it (Trodd & Chivers, 2011, p 113). Theoretical Framework: The approaches and theories, which are associated with effective management and leadership behavior, pertaining in a conflict situation, are being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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