The Ethical and Legal Issues Which Arise with Health Care - Essay Example

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The ethical and legal issues which arise with health care, specifically in drastic situations, create different responses and questions of how to respond. By changing specific approaches in given environments, there is also the ability to change drastic situations that arise. …
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The Ethical and Legal Issues Which Arise with Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages The case of Martin is one which carries interest because of the known concerns that pertain to stroke as well as the capacity which the hospital had to respond, but didn’t. This first began when Martin was admitted to the hospital, which raises ethical concern with the responses that were required and not acted upon. It is known that when an individual suffers from stroke, certain reflexes began to be prompted, specifically to try to balance out the body in a different manner. With this, is a known change with the body that leads to pneumonia, often which leaves the body too weak for an operation. Feeding tubes and alternative feeding methods are common expectations with patients, especially if the stroke is too severe for post – stroke patients. It is noted that this is the only way to not have reflexes respond and to make the right movements for nutrition and alterations for feeding among patients. The known problem which arises is one which indicates that the hospital should have immediately responded to the conditions in terms of feeding and nutrition, as opposed to hiring a speech therapist to try to change the condition of Martin first. Another problem which is associated with the case of Martin is based on the inability for him to talk and the dependency which was created with his condition in the hospital. This issue is furthered with the processes which were not carried through, not only in terms of the nutritious and physical state, but also in response to the other difficulties which are known to accompany those suffering from a stroke. This is inclusive of psychological responses, social difficulties, changes in cognitive ability and personality processes. Hospital personnel are required to understand the ethical concerns and the way in which this links to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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